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Friday, 15 July 2005



Congrats Kirk! I hope to see some posts using the cookbook! :D

what an awesome gift! :D



Hi Milly - I'll try, it's hard when I haven't tasted the "original" to at least have a starting point.


I have to agree with you about not having a starting point Kirk. But lets face it, ya gotta start somewhere! Now, let's see, I've had "Land of Plenty" for how many days? Done how many recipies so far? ::wanders away to contemplate how many ways she can use peanuts fried in olive oil::


Hi Jo - I know...but I found that I don't cook very well without knowing how the dishes actually taste! Take for example Fish Flavored Chicken - I made it according to some recipe I had - it was horrible! But once I tasted a reasonable facsimile - I made it, and it tasted fine, because I taste all my sauces before I use them (like they say in the book!) and made adjustments - hell, when I make Kalbi or bulgogi I taste my marinade before I put the meat in - I know what it should taste like - probably explains why I'm a terrible baker!


Hi Kirk,

You're welcome and it was really nothing. It's to repay you for the book you sent and for being so generous with the compliments.


You should his impersonation of Letterman's Top 10. LOL!


Hi Reid - Thanks again. I browsed through the book before bed last night - and the recipes looked great. I have a rule that I have to make at least 1 dish from every cookbook I own - to justify purchase. I'm a little behind, but I'll try to make a dish from this book soon. As for the top ten list, maybe I'll add that to then end of part2??? What do you think Reid?


Whoa, I was thinking about making fish flavor chicken my next try! I can't get the right beef cut for the dry fried beef except for one place (don't ask why, it gives me a headache to think about it), Mills has to pick it up for me. Also, my classmate forgot to pick up the pepper for me so she brought me some of her own stock! Talk about cool beans in the city, right? I'm a bit different with my saucing. I "taste" more with my nose. The fragrance is a better indicator for me.

Do tell Reid? ::casts smiling sidelong glance at Kirk:: What do you suppose would be adequate incentive for him to reveal it to me?


Hi Jo - Wasn't much really. Reid in his typical humble way remarked that he really didn't know why I would be publishing a 10 question interview with him - so I quickly did a ten reasons why list and Emailed it to him! I guess he was a bit amused....


hmmmm... ::smiles:: Well, you are a talented writer...


Jo - Not really, just silly!!


Hi Kirk...and Jo,

You both are quite silly. =P It's OK to share if you want to.

You two actually are amazingly funny! Very much unlike me -- I've been told that I'm way to serious.


LOL Reid - People who don't really know me, think I'm a pretty "boring" guy...


humph... People who know me know I'm just shy of Napa State (even though it's closed down!!!) Now what does THAT tell you?!?! ::looks sweetly innocent and pure as the driven snow::


Jo - What do you mean closed down....I made reservations there for Sept..... ;)


ACK! ::chuckling:: You know, now that I'm almost finished with my RE class, maybe we could buy it!


Jo - Bed & Breakfast, perhaps???


OH yea, I can see it all now...

Homey red brick, rolling green lawns, grapes as far as the eye can see,

"Napa State B&B, Where your mind can wander past all the Pink Bunnies you can imagine" ::snigger::

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