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Thursday, 28 July 2005



Oh my goodness... ::laughing:: Maybe you were here to long! ;oP


I know this thread is several months old, but I just found your blog tonight and laughed reading this post. I'm 3rd generation Hawaii-born, though my mom and I were raised mostly on the Mainland. However Hawaii is ingrained in us, deeply! I cannot eat any other kind of mayo besides Best Foods! I saw SPAM mentioned here and then in another post, Vienna Sausage. I grew up on that stuff! LOL.


Hi Joanne - Welcome, and thanks for commenting! The power of brand loyalty is so very strong, isn't it? Spam, Vienna Sausage, and Libby's Corned Beef, to this day it's ingrained. :op


I agree with everything you said... but the only way I can stand mayo is if it's mixed with coral tuna LOL (packed in oil of course)

Don't forget Zippy's makes the best mac salad!

I'm in Tucson, AZ... any ideas where/how I could get Aloha shoyu or Coral tuna?


Hi Lisa - Here in San Diego, 99 Ranch Market carries Aloha Shoyu, so you might try the 99 Ranch Market in Phoenix. Aloha shoyu also does mail order. The only place I can get my coral tuna(it's still the only canned tuna I'll eat) is from Marukai in LA/OC, so that one might be hard.


Hiya Kirk! Yeah I recall living in Hawaii back in the days that Hellmans was the top brand that everybody used to use (esp. with pasta salad). Spam was the main dish in our household. I was but a wee child back then but I do remember picnicing with the family every weekend on a different beach.


Hi Jean - Sounds like some nice memories!

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