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Thursday, 28 July 2005



::sniff sniff:: Good bye Pepper! It was wonderful while it lasted! ::waves and cries:: BYE!

::frowns:: Wait a minute... he's coming here! ::wanders off, shaking her head to do some laundry::


::sniff sniff:: Good bye Pepper! It was wonderful while it lasted! ::waves and cries:: BYE!

::frowns:: Wait a minute... he's coming here! ::wanders off, shaking her head, to do some laundry::


Double posting huh Jo, I thought that was my job! ;P

Can't wait to see Kirk and Pepper.

Drice Safe and get here soon Kirk!


Interesting stuff! I walk away knowing more about Hawaiian culture everytime I read your blog!

This and the recent NPR piece on Pidgin English in Hawaii were so cool to read and listen to.


Well, I can't let you have ALL the fun now can I Mills? ::giggle:: Besides, I'm not horning in on your spelling! ;oP DRICE safe???? WOOHOO!! ::Bummity Bum Bum:: oh yea! ::off to clean some more stuff::


Drice : a cross between drive and rice, drive well and eat well... ;P LOL


Kirk! You HAVE to try the tuna in panang curry sauce from Trader Joes! Just do it--you'll like it!

And I don't know why anyone would ever eat non-Spam spam. Blech!


too true. but i'm a kraft person:D -- and Treet? boy i haven't seen one of those in YEEARS....


Coral Tuna is the best. The individual pieces of tuna inside the can are larger.



What about "tuna in water" or "tuna in oil"?

clare eats

Cant wait to hear about your trip to Jo and Milly.
The brand loyal post was cool, we don' get any of those brands here except spam and kikkoman :)


Hi Kirk,

So far, I agree with everything here. Does that make me a true local? =P


It used to be only Coral in oil for most people. In fact, my mom still uses it.


Hey Clare,
Good news. Best Foods mayonnaise is available in Australia but you need to search in several supermarket chains (or specialty gourmet produce stores). Once you've had a taste, you'll never want to go back to any other brand (it is that good!). In Melbourne, two places which stock it are Leo's supermarket and Coles. Having said that, I'd be surprised if you can't find it in Sydney. Good luck!


Hey Ron! I'm a BumbleBee person seeing's how I've never had the priviledge of even knowing that Coral existed. However, I'm a water pack person. Never cared for oil pack WITH the exception of the tuna packed in olive oil which I have had only in Spain. It was used in their version of potato salad which is mounded in the middle of the plate then "decorated" with pimento strips, chopped egg yolk, chopped egg whites, chopped parsley, peas, and tuna. Wonderful presentation, AWESOME flavor. I really love potato salad with olive oil and tuna!


Hi Elmo - If you enjoyed pidgin - there's a book called
Pidgin to the Max that's alot of fun!

Pam - I did try the Panang Curry from TJ's - I could only chew, couldn't swallow! Sorry, but I tried - the cabinet is full of boxes of the stuff, like about 7-8 right now - must be like crack! Non Spam, Spam - istn't that an oxymoron!

RONW - It's true, Coral Tuna in oil for me.

Reid - After the Portuguese sausage, spam, and eggs breakfast for McDonald's your asking me if I think you're local?

Hi Clare - The main thing is, that you're able to get Spam !!! LOL!

Hi Anna - Thanks for posting. I got quite a good laugh! Best Foods - in a specialty gourmet market? I guess it's the gourmet part that got me laughing!

Hi Jo - I'm back in one piece! Thanks for everything! I can truly say, I've never knowingly eaten Bumble Bee brand tuna - ah, the power of brand loyalty!

Hi Milly - I did just get in about an hour ago! Whew, it' nap time! Thansk for everything!


Hi Stef - Sorry I missed your comment....I just saw treat the other day at the supermarket - I'd actually thought that perhaps they didn't make the "meat product" anymore - but no, there it was, in all it's blazing glory!


Well heck Kirk, why would you bother with Bumble Bee when you had Coral? You were just brought up better than me... ::sniff::


Jo - I'm just wondering if you're gonig to try that "Great Wall Pork and Ham" (didn't they know that pork and ham come from the same animal?) meat product???


Hey man, brand loyalty is ALL it's cracked up to be! ::grins nervously:: I ain't gonna touch anything but SPAM and MAYBE Treet (but only if I don't know it's Treet!)


Hi Jo - To take a page out of yours - it's easy to get "tricked by treet"

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