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Sunday, 24 July 2005


clare eats

Is the portugese sausage like a chorizo? Are they dried or fresh?


Hi Clare - Portuguese Sausage, or linguica, that I grew up on, is technically not linguica - it's sweeter, more moist, and less spicy (supposedly) than the real Portuguese Linguica. But to answer your question, no it's not like chorizo. The sausages are pork, not cooked, solid casing, uses paprika and I think garlic, have some sweet overtones. If there was a "state of Hawaii" breakfast, it would be Portuguese Sausage, Eggs, and Rice. Even McDonald's in Hawaii serves it!!! In fact I think Reid should do one of his posts on that - wadda ya' think Reid? BTW Clare, did you like my rendition of the vegemite song that I did on the Rutt's Cafe post???? :)


Hey Kirk,

Are you asking me to post breakfast at McD's? OK. You're just going to die, but in addition to Portuguese sausage, eggs and rice, they also have a breakfast with Spam in it now too! Woo hoo!

clare eats

You can get cooked and not cooked potugese sausages here... they call both chorizo...???

Yeah do a post Reid *grin*!!!

Oh I loved your vegemite post it was great! Do you actually like it?


Kirk-I always wondered about this place. There always seems to be a wait outside everytime I pass it. What was on the Greek menu? Thanks for the tip about where to purchase portuguese sausage here in San Diego. I bought a few for my mom and she cooked up some breakfast the other day.

Everytime I go to Hawaii with "newbies", I have to take them to a McDonalds so they can see for themselves that you can get portuguese sausage/spam/rice and eggs and sometimes saimin.


Hi Reid - Yeah, I think you should do Mickey D's - especially since you've got a real international group of reader's - it'll quite a hoot.

Hi Clare - I guess I'm thinking of Mexican Chorizo, or he type that's cooked and comes in a can. Portuguese Sausage in Hawaii is called Linguica. I've never had vegemite, the little bottle I have as a paperweight, is a gift - but I've been thinking of trying it, but don't know how to best "prepare" it - can you provide some guidance - I'll even post about it! :)

Hey Jack - There are the usualy Greek Specialties, they were really fast here and grabbed the menu away, fast...but for some reason I remember $10-$15 for lunch? There also that Greek place on the other side of the street further West. Spice House seemed very popular, and most seemed to be regulars. I get the "no way" reaction when I mention the portuguese sausage McDonald's thing...I think it's really entertaining!


Hey Clare! I can source Vegemite here pretty easily, let us know how to eat it and I'll do it when he comes up next week. Then we can all fight over the computer and post on it! ;o)

In Spain, where I always thought chorizo originated but I might be wrong... They use pork, paprika, garlic, and "stuff". Trouble with point of origination here is that peppers came with tomatoes from the New World. Anyhow, Portugese Linguica is very much like Spanish Chorizo, the biggest difference being that linguica is typically thinner than chorizo. And of course both are completely different from the Mexican chorizo...


Hi Jo - And completely different from the Hawaiian Portuguese Sausage!


Yea, I'm gonna have to give those a shot. Along with Hawaiian hot dogs. I was a bit put off by the redness of them. That kinda freaked me. I can get them here at the GP. I'll have to verify the brand before purchase though.


Hi Jo - Should be Redondo Hawaiian Winners - that;s not a typo "Winners". I've got a picture, you can click on to enlarge - If that freaks you out - the original Maui Hotdog was bright red and the coloring used to come of on the rice or bread - that's how we knew it was the real thing!!!

clare eats

To make vegemite
You need some nice white bread that will toast well. Toast it up. Make a nice cup of Tea. Spread toast with butter, then just alittle vegemite there should just be a fine scraping of dark drown. Remember less is better, especially at first.

Eat toast with tea. YUM!
It just tasts salty? mmm


Hi Clare - Salty??? OOOOOkaay, I'll give it a try and I'll post!

clare eats

remember LESS IS MORE!
yes definately salty

I cant wait for the post!


Hi Kirk,

Don't forget the crunch everytime you bit into one.

I guess I'll eat breakfast at McD's over the next couple of days and do a little blurb on it. =)


OK Clare - I'll do it soon!

Hi Reid - I think it'll be quite entertaining! Crunch and maybe a few other sound effects???


Heaven's to Mergatroid! Reid is gonna blog MickyD's breakfast! I wanna hear about the spam ok?!?!

Kirk, red rice? red bread? Who has lice? Uncle Fred? Say it twice? Who is dead? Was it mice, were they pulling thread? Might be nice to have a head! Dr. Seuss is officially rolling in his grave!

Clare, I'll try to have the vegemite here. I have an assortment of teas, but for my b-day Mills gave me Jasmine Downey Pearls, would that go nicely?


Hi Jo - Yikes! I'm calling the rhyme police on you....


::running like the mad woman she is::

clare eats

hmmm maybe.. i was think more like some english breakfast... but it could be really good


OK folks. McD's will be on the blog tomorrow, but just the photo. They have a "Local Deluxe" breakfast that has Spam AND Portuguese sausage. How's that! =P

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