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Friday, 15 July 2005



Oh KIRK! You poor poor man! This is an incredible burden for you to bear. I think you should hook up with Jack on this one!

I actually tried my first Banh Mi a couple days ago. Like you said, nothing to compare it with and I wasn't overly impressed. The bread was eh, the veggies were eh, the bbq pork was... yea, you guessed it, eh... Milly had to confirm for me that there was no pate. Being a pate lover that was one of the things I was really looking forward to tasting! Oh well, there will be other days and other sandwichs. Still gotta track down Lee's.


Hi Jo - Well I kinda developed a little strategy - I now check out what's happenin' in the bun and taste the meat - some people eat a Banh Mi and go blech, what's the big deal, and some go wow, this sandwich costs 2 bucks and has this much flavor....still searchin' for Banh Mi Nirvana - it's probably in LA. BTW, I talked a Buddy of mine who said he really didn't like Lee's - he thought it was the "Subway" of Banh Mi, so we'll see!

clare eats

I LOOOOVVVVVEEEE Bahn Mi! We have an awesome place close to here that I have been meaning to blog about. Hows about once I finished swimming to your place and we had us a big bowl of Kim Chee and rice you swim back for some really good bahn Mi?

I think they should be HOT! no green chilli peppers allowed only a big pile of the little hot thai ones. :)


I love Banh Mi! I'm from San Diego, but only discovered them upon moving to los angeles and living right next to Westminister...and by far, I love Lee's...the bread is fresh, the vegetables have a super spicy bite, the cilantro is never wilted, and the pork is fantastic. Everytime I try somewhere new, I end up having to go back to Lee's the next day to rectify my tastebuds....but to each his own.


Hi Kirk,

I love bahn mi and this one looks much larger than the ones that I get at Ba-Le. Dac biet is another way of saying special, so you should have gotten one with the works. =)

Looks like you don't have enough of the pickled carrots and daikon if you ask me, especially for a sandwich that size.


Hi Clare - Swim to Sydney? Well I'd better start getting into shape, I'll start by eating 3 Banh Mi? LOL! I'll be awaiting your Banh Mi post.

Hi Tracina - Thank you so much for posting. The person who told me about this place is Vietnamese, and I guess it was based on his personal taste. I envy the fact that you live in LA ( we used to), except for the traffic! It's also great that you have a baseline for Banh Mi; that's kind of what I'm trying to develop here. We ate at so many places in Westminster that we never remembered names and places, this was before my Chowhound & Food Blog days...I also heard a rumour that a Lee's franchise is going to open here, so I'll get to try, and maybe get hooked also!

Hi Reid - Yes I usually get Dac Biet. The nice thing about Banh Mi is that they are like snowflakes, no two Banh Mi from different places are alike. Makes for alot of fun. And yes, this sandwich could have used a bit more veggies, and some hotter peppers, and more cilantro - without the long and tough stems.


Wow, I've walked past that bakery a hundred times and never realized that they had Banh Mi. I guess it's just as well. I'm closer to City Heights and don't make it up to Sorrento Valley as often since I quit my last job.


ACK! GEEZ Clare! ::laughing:: I should have had you reaming out the peppers I used for my Gung Bao chicken! I came close to death and only used 6! How wussy would I be to ask for a red bell pepper subsitute???

clare eats

I wont answer on the grounds that I might incriminate myself ;) LOL!


Hi Howie - You know, if I hadn't been told that this place sold Banh Mi and read the sign; I wouldn't eever had gone here for Banh Mi.

Hi Jo - I think we'll keep working on you, I think you can develop a tolerance!! LOL!

Clare - You crack me up - BTW started swimming yet? I'm working on 5 Banh Mi at a time now! ;)


::sniff:: Look, they grow LOTS more sweet peppers than hot around here... ;o) Besides, since I don't eat them, that leaves more for the rest of you!!! Right??? ::smiles hopefully::


Jo - How about both hot and sweet? Tian - La..


hot AND sweet?!?! hmm.. I have some "Cuerno de Toro" peppers ready for the pan... maybe that sauted with a couple of the thai chilis, shrimp, with a sauce of sake, chicken broth, sichuan pepper, and a touch of sesame oil... garnished with freshly toasted sesame seeds? How does that sound? maybe even half shrimp half chicken breast...


Missing pate??


Nice catch Mealcentric! I think you're right! BTW, there's a story about this Banh Mi story - I actually went to the wrong place - I'll go to the "right one" soon!


Hey, don't dis the left one just because you didn't go to the right one... ::rolls eyes and chuckles::

If that's the worst egg of the day, it's gonna be all good...


Well Jo - When you're left handed and have two left feet, you naturally "pull left".


hey guys...sorrento bakery is the best...they have the best sandwiches! i tried a place called K sandwiches down in Linda Vista and their sandwiches aren't so great lol. the bread is hard and they put a bunch of onions so thats all u taste when u bite into it..not much fillings or flavor going on...well talk to you soon.


Hi !Xlobia - Thanks for visiting and commenting. I thought the Banh Mi here was good, but like I said, there was something missing. The best I've had so far has been at Cafe Dore'. I've been to K's sandwiches as well, but haven't had time to post - leaves much to be desired; there's almost no veggies in the sandwich - also I really don't care for the baguette - too doughy, not crusty enough, among other things!

The Office Goat

This is the first place I ever had Banh Mi. While others I've had since may have arguably had better/more fillings, the baguettes at the bakery really make this one my favorite. And now other places that toast their baguettes (to cover up the fact that it wasn't a delicious, perfectly-baked, fresh one?) for their Banh Mi, like the nearly-next-door Viet Cali, make me a little sad.

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