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Wednesday, 13 July 2005



I know I'm in a minority when it comes to Roberto's, but I still feel like I gotta chime in. I am not a Sandy Eggo native, so maybe I never learned what to order at Roberto's, but most of the things I usually order at fast food Mexican joints disappointed me at Roberto's. Now I admit also that I only dealt with the MB location because it was close to where I worked for a while, but the food was disappointing enought that I actually went to McDonald's a couple times (say it isn't so). Anyway, I don't remember the chicken burrito, but if they have one it must not have been very impressive. I found their bean and cheese burritos to be runny and pretty tasteless. I remember trying a shrimp burrito and finding more chopped onion than shrimp. And what shrimp I found were over breaded and left me with no shrimp flavors at all. Previously I had worked close to Taco Surf, and while that place was not very authentic, the food was much less greasy and much tastier - although, no doubt, more expensive. Anyway, I feel better now that I have ranted for a paragraph. Hope you're still eating well.



I don't have fast-food mexican that often but if I ever moved away from SD I would miss having a Roberto's/Alberto's/Royberto's, etc. nearby for a late night carne asada and rolled taco fix.


I like Roberto's, but as Kirk noted, the quality can vary a lot from place to place.

I wouldn't count out the other 'berto's restaurants out of hand though. My favorite taqueria within a 5 mile radius of my house is Adalberto's in Golden Hill. They have a great chicken/fries/cheese/sour cream burrito, but they call it a "Texas Burrito"... go figure.

The way I usually test out a new taqueria is by ordering the carnitas (pork fried until fork-tender). The carnitas burrito usually comes with guacamole too so you can test how they make theirs. Most taquerias around here make terrible guac. I think it's because they use lots of filler to make it cheaper.


mmm, I never eat carnitas out. Way to easy to make at home. I'll have to do a post on that as well I suppose. Maybe I'll save it for when I have a camera and it's a bit cooler though. Heats up the house when I make it...


Hi Ed - Oh my! Mickey D's over Roberto's, say it isn't so! Must've been really bad. You know I would never have thought to have seafood at Roberto's, but leftover breaded shrimp, that's terrible. I've had the bean burrito, and it was pretty much yuck. Most of the time when I try a taco shop I'll go for Carne Asada, or taquito's or somthin'. I can't wait to get to Yuma - or maybe not - I heard it's a million degrees there you can show me some really good Mexican!

Hey Jack - I know exactly what you mean by a late night rolled-taco Jones!I'd still take Likelike, or even Zippy's (though more $$$) over Roberto's anyday, but it's good to have something open late in the neighborhood.

Hi Howie - Thanks for commenting! It's great to have a strategy on checking out something that there're a million of here in San Diego. Though I don't care much for carnitas, I like how you use the strategy for Guac - I agree most places make terrible, runny, bland, Guac. Please keep posting!

Jo - I really don't care much for Carnitas - sounds like it's getting pretty hot in your neighborhood too? But you definitely need to get a digital camera - especially since your recipes are becoming a hit!


Howie - "Texas Burrito" soon as my cholesterol normalizes I may give Adalberto's a try.


Yep, definately getting hot this way! I put up 3 qts of tomatoes this morning and had to stop so I wouldn't drip! I would love to get pics of these tomatoes! They are awesome. And dinner last night, the bright spot was the menchi katsu... OMG that was SO yummo! I dipped into Heinz 57 and took a bite of a ripe "Black Krim" tomato I pulled just before the sun went down... incredible, absolutely incredible. I tried to post on it earlier but my chemicals are still a little messed up... ;oP


Kirk-Many years ago my cousin from Hawaii was over and one late night we went to La Posta de Acapulco in Hillcrest(this and El Cuervo are my local haunts). He didn't quite get the late night mexican food thing and was craving a Zippy's Zip Pack. Nothing like that around here! Although like you, I'll take it any day. Last year the family came over but this time he enjoyed the meal. He has been more exposed over the years to mexican cuisine and has come enjoy it.


Hi Jo - Yep menchi-katsu is indeed a wonderful thing - I just had some for lunch!

Jack - You'll think this is funny I work in the Hillcrest area and El Cuervo is one of my regular places for lunch as is La Posta - I've actually got them in the "queue" with pictures and stuff - it seems that the two busiest places at lunchtime are El Cuervo and Bronx Pizza - don't worry about Phil's I got that covered too - I just don't want to do everything at once! You wouldn't believe what I'd do for a Zip Pac or a BBQ Beef Sandwich from Rainbows....


Kirk, would you threaten family members for refusing to bring you the ZipPack or the BBQ from Rainbow's? When my Aunt came from Florida in April, I told not to bother getting on the plane unless she had a dozen Krystal burgers with her! I think they are still ony .49 cents. That's what they cost when I was in high school!


Hi Jo - No I usually ask for stuff I really want like inamona, ogo, or other stuff - plus can you imagine what it would be like sitting next to somebody smelling fried chicken, teriyaki, and spam for 6 hours???


::looks bashful:: Trust me, I REALLY like Krystal's. She bought them the night before, wrapped them in plastice (boxes and all), froze them, and put them in her suitcase so she wouldn't smell like Krystals!

That said, last time we went back there, I was pregnant with our oldest boy (now 5). Our flight departed at about 3p.m. so we had our last meal at "Beach Road Chicken" (this is a good article bout the place: then as we headed out to the airport I made sure we pulled over at the last Krystal there was before the airport. Mike nearly had a fit but I got a sack of a dozen burgers. So there we were, cruzing first Jax airport smelling like Krystals, then some airport I can't remember smelling like Krystals, but a little less so because in the middle of getting from one plane to the next I had to stop and eat 3 of them. Then we got to Dallas and had to change planes again and again I stopped mid stream to eat 3. Mike didn't really like Krystal to begin with and by now he really hated them. Good thing to because the way he was acting there wasn't a chance that I was going to share my dozen with him! I think there were only 4 left by the time we got home and they were gone within 24 hours if indeed it took that long!


Hey Jo - That's a Funny story! I've had Krystal's in Columbus Ga, and Atlanta - I guess I really don't get it! Same about White Castle - I think they smell kinda funny too - though who am I to talk, with all the stuff I eat! You should see the kind of stuff we pack for flights....


Hey, that makes it all the more interesting huh?


Jo-that is a very funny story! My wife tells a very similar story when she was returning home to CA from the midwest and bringing White Castle burgers to her parents. Everyone on the plane was looking around to see who the guilty party was!

Ok Kirk, why don't you tell me where I will be eating lunch today...we are obviously on the same "local"


Hi Jo - Yes is sure does!!

Jack - I'm thinking about Phil's - though I think I should hold off for now....And isn't it ironic! Also, here's a question - do you know Titta's in National City - every local I know knows that place!


10 PM and still at the office. That burrito looks soooo goood. Man, a french fry burrito is a great idea. You should ask them to make it for you.


Mealcentric - Better take it easy, man - you're going to get sick again! Speaking of sick, I actually had a dream of a french fry/tater tot/bacon burrito the other night, don't know what the heck brought that on! I'll have to go to Santana's soon they make a good Cal Burrito, I think it's better than this one!


The really GREAT news about Krystal and me moving to North Carolina is that there is a store only 129 miles away! YAHOO! ;o)


Ahhhh - The odd attraction of the funky burger!

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