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Sunday, 31 July 2005



Hi Kirk,

I have family that lives in Torrance, but haven't been there to visit in a while. Maybe this is an excuse heh?


WHAT?!?! KETTLE KORN OVER FRESH HOT ROASTED PEANUTS?!?! ::harumph:: I'm not sure I can tolerate this! Kettle Korn gets soggy and nasty. You ought to just put some chili peppers on it! ::cracking up:: Peanuts are Perfect!


Reid - What I think you should do is a "Meet the Bloggers" tour - start in Seattle and work your way South to San Diego! Wouldn't that be cool?

Jo - Believe me the Kettle Korn doesn't get a chance to get "nasty"!

clare eats

What is kettle korn?


Hi Jo,

Oooh. Sweet and spicy kettle corn...great idea! =)



Oh kettle korn, yeah kettle korn is so GOOD!

Kettle korn dissapears so fast you can't let them get stale or soggy. Yumm spicey kettle korn *evyle thoughts*


Right on! Great minds think Alike! LOL I agree with Kirk the Meet the Bloggers trip would be a blast!


Kettle Korn is popcorn, but with a sweet and salty taste. They are usually popped in a large Kettle, and it was popular mainly in the midwestern states , but its popularity has spread in the last (plus or minus) 10 years.


Clare, they dump oil, sugar, salt, and popcorn into a copper kettle the size of a jumbo washing machine and pop the corn stirring it with a row boat paddle. Then it's poured into long narrow plastic bags. Trust me, it's nasty. Although I have to agree with Reid, Mills, and I suppose myself come to think of it, a bit of capsasin just might be a good thing. I would suggest putting it into the oil. Mills, next time you are here, we can give it a shot in Mike's twirly wirly thing!


You can't eat just one piece of kettle korn - I'm thinking Kettle Korn Baklava! :) You can find Kettle Korn in just about every farmer's market. It's sweet and salty...


cute doggie picture. is your other dog named "salt"?? so are there any farmer's market in san diego that are comparable to the ones in LA??


Kirk-sounds like it was a great trip for everyone. Congrats to all !


Hi Annie - Pepper was sort of a "rescue" and I delivered him to his new home with Jo in Mountain View - he was extremely good in the car. The only farmer's market we go to is the Hillcrest Farmer's market. I haven't found anything close to the "LA trinity" of Farmer's Markets (Santa Monica/Hollywood/Torrance) in San Diego - but there are alot of nice community farmers markets here! I haven't tried all of the Farmer's Markets, so maybe there's something out there!

Hey Jack - Yes it was a nice fun trip - just wish I had more time.


Yep, we wish he had more time as well. ::sigh::


Actually Jo - You mean more karaoke time, don't you! :)


::blushing:: well... ummm... Yea?!?!


Here's listing of all the songs:



your msgic Mic is very famous, I can hear jo singing in her dreams!


er that wasnt supposed to post, ahh well darn fingers!

msgii = magic

Anyways as Jo is singing in her sleep the boys are DO WOP back uo singers. Until the boys wrestle jo to ground and steal the magic mic to sing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang for the 100th time.


Hi Mills - No I think "msgii" describes it just fine, thank you very much! hehehe ;)

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