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Wednesday, 20 July 2005



OH yea! I triple DOG dare ya Kirk! ;o)


mmm... that finished poke looks too tasty!! i'm really impressed!!

so where's your favorite place to get poke back home in hawaii?? i really like yama's fish market. there's one poke place too that makes great poke -- um alice's something. it's somewhere on the kalihi side -- closer to sand island i think. i'm such a terrible local girl!


Hey Jo - So how did you like the Magic Microphone??

Hi Annie - My favorite poke - Tamashiro Market, hands down! I understand about names and places - I still use "you know, da' one next to da' gas station, across from...." kine instructions too....


Kirk, you really know people who prefer their poke day-old? I'm the opposite-- give it to me as fresh as you can. If the fish is still wiggling a bit, all the better. Great post, and thanks for the mention!


Oh man Kirk! That thing is AWESOME! You should have heard Robby telling Mike about singing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang on TV! ::laughing:: I loved it! There were SO many songs I would have LOVED to sing. Especially the second time around when I know I would have gotten a higher score. um, you need a C/W chip dude! ::wink::


Hi Alan - Two of my friends like their poke a day old, I rather have really fresh myself, but different strokes... I really enjoyed your post on poke.

Hi Jo - I'll make sure I bring it the next time!


What is Ogo as used as an ingredient in poke?


Hi Sunshine - Ogo is a type of seaweed also called limu loa in Hawaiian. It adds a nice crunch and what I call the flavor of the ocean to poke.

Alan of Ma'ona has a wonderful post on poke' here:

Alan describes the flavor that Ogo adds to poke as:
"The seaweed adds a fresh crunch and the taste of iodine to the poke. Whatever seaweed you use, just make sure it's fresh. If you can't find fresh seaweed, wait to make your poke until you can."

Siatuvai Smith

I am a member of Murakai and I'm in Las Vegas right now I was wondering if it were possible in any way to send some limu out here? I would be willing to pay for all the cost for overnight shipping?? Please contact me and let me know!!!


where can i find fresh poke or ahi thats in san diego the kine like hawaii


Hi Mikey - That's a no-go. Sorry. I just end up making my own nowadays.

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