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Wednesday, 06 July 2005



Hi Kirk,

Sounds like Dave's Ice Cream way back when. I think it's gotten too commercial over the years and I don't eat the ice cream there anymore.

In fact, there aren't any really good ice cream shops here anymore with the exception of Bubbies, but even then, the ice cream isn't always the best that it can be.


Hey Reid - Aaaah memories of Dave's when they opened on Kapahulu! The best lychee ice cream I've ever had! The ice cream at Mariposa is a bit richer than I remember at Dave's. It's a real Mom and Pop operation and everything is made in the shop in a little room. The owners are real community activists and have really gotten involved (in a positive way IMHO) in the community - this is really nice to see - kind of reminds me of home...


::itching:: ::twitching:: ::gives up:: SO, is the neighborhood next over called "Abnormal Lows"?!? ::chokes with horror::

ok, so I inherited a penchant for HIDEOUSLY bad jokes from my Dad. We have Rick's Rather Rich ice cream a mile away. Our flavors are Saffron Pistachio (my like this one), Rose, and Kulfi. Not to mention Computer Chip! We don't get to go often though because it is SO expensive... =o(


Jo - You forgot the drum roll bada-boom... Don't know why it's called Normal Heights - I'll have to find out someday. Isn't amazing what they charge for ice cream these days? We like this place 'cause they have a great product, and it's not really expensive.


yea... Do you remember Thrifty Ice Cream? The cylindrical scoops? Five cents a scoop? Triple scoop was all of fifteen cents? ::sigh:: That was the FIRST place that had brownie pieces in their ice cream as I recall...


Hi Jo - 5 cents a scoop? No way? I don't really remember Thrifty Ice Cream, I don't think we had it in Hii while I was growing up - everything was Ed & Don's. But doesn't Rite Aid sell Thrifty Ice Cream nowadays? It sure ain't 5 cents a scoop though!


Nope, this was back in the 70s when it was a nickle a scoop. Clinton, one of the posters of Reid's sight prolly remembers it. The Thrifty ice cream you can get at Rite Aid is pretty much the same, harder to come by though. And locating a store that sells cones is even more rare. There is one store I know of in Monterey but yea, they charge a LOT more these days.

As a kid, my dad & I would go for walks every night after dinner. Thrifty's was on our rotation and we always got ice cream when we went. Daddy got a double dip of chocolate... Every Single Time (when it comes to chocolate, my dad is nothing if not predictable!) I wasn't far behind, I got either chocolate, chocolate brownie, or rocky road. Their rocky road was the best with almonds, lots and lots of almonds.

Now days, it's homemade stuff. Callebaut creates a homemade chocolate ice cream that could put you into a trance. I also have the secret to truly awesome hot fudge sauce. Let me know if the Missus is interested & I'll pass her the recipe. It's SO simple!




Jo - All the Rite Aids I've been to, have had Thrifty Ice Cream - it's pretty good. Even the one 3 blocks away has it! So I always thought that they all carry it!


I wish! They used to be all over. The one we used to go to was on PCH just on the border of Lomita and Redondo Beach? Not positive about that, but it was the way we went to Redondo...


The Rite Aid by Han Sung Kalbi, has the thifty's ice cream.

Ice cream...*sigh* I love good ice cream, but i do have to agree people charge tpp much for it sometimes. There are several places here that serve great icecream unfortunately all of them hurt the pocketbook.


Hi Milgwimper - So true, so true! I can't believe what the price of ice cream is nowadays! And even disguised, mixed and covered with other flavors....BTW, can;t think of anything better than some SoonDofu, or some spicy dish followed by a nice scoop of ice cream - so long it's not too sweet. Sounds weird, but sure works for me! We followed our spicy meal a Dao Son with ice cream from Mariposa - delici-yoso!

Ex San Diegan

Normal Heights has that name because it was near the old San Diego Teacher's College--i.e., the Normal School, which is what teacher's colleges used to be called way back when. That's why Normal Street in Hillcrest/North Park/Normal Heights has its name, too--it was the way to the Normal School.

It always makes me chuckle that the San Diego Gay/Lesbian Center is on Normal Street. Excellent choice, dontcha think?


Hi "Ex-S" - Sorry can't help but play up the name... Thanks for the info. Maybe you can provide some direction as to where I can find all this Historical info on San Diego? What would be the definitive guide to San Diego History - the only thing I've got is "Under the Shining Sun".


::chuckles:: DO tell! I don't recall ever hearing that about Teaching Schools. VERY interesting though. Thanks for that little bit of history. Considering some of the teachers I've known, I have to wonder at the school acquiring such a name to begin with! ;o)


Mills, I do believe I have a sudden hankering for restaurant kalbi!


Jo - Kalbi ice cream????


::laughing:: Don't say that so loud! Mike might like that idea. I have a pound chunk of Guittard dark in the kitchen right now that is waiting for the mix up with some half/half before going into the ice cream churn.

Chocolate Kalbi???


Chocolate Kalbi Baklava ;)


EWWWW!!! ::laughing:: talk about yucko! Although, tell me what you think about this...

Pecans & dried cherries in the middle, eliminate the sugar spice mix that usually goes with the nuts, increase the amount of syrup so it's wetter, then drizzle chocolate on the top. Sort of "Black Forest Baklava"? I'm making 5 pans for our Woman's Day celebration at church. I'm going to do a couple pans of the almond apricot and probably a couple pans of walnut. I was toying with the cherry pecan idea since I tried the dried fruit and liked it...

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