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Thursday, 07 July 2005



omg! i JUST saw an episode of some show on food tv (which, admiitedly, i watch non-stop the minute i walk into my apartment) about muffulettas, and i swear i was DROOLING over them - olive salad soaking into soft white bread...i bet i could eat that by itself!


First off, great blog. Just happened upon your site. As a fellow kaamaina/sd resident I can appreciate your quest for good food.

Living fairly close to Mardi Gras, I go every so often but only get the crawfish po boys. They are pretty good and overflowing with fried crawfish. Sometimes they can be heavy with the seasoning but a good sandwich nonetheless.


Sarah - Thanks for dropping by....Now I'm a pretty big eater - but it's quite a bit of bread! But I would never doubt that you could clean this baby up!!

Howszit Jack - Good to hear from another Ex-Pat Kama'aina here in SD - actually there are quite a few of us here. Please keep posting your comments - I'd also like to hear where you eat. I will try the crawfish po' boys the next time - thanks for the rec.


Boy do I need to watch my spelling..kamaaina..

I just realized you might know of where to buy ogo. Any ideas? I tried 99 Ranch a few times but they didn't have it. I am really wanting a little salty "crunch" to my poke.


Jack - I actually drive to Marukai in LA to get ogo - they have it flown in - I also usually by my fish for poke there as well! It's really hard to get good fish in San Diego, as ironic as that sounds. Catalina Offshore has good fish - but you have to buy large quantities. My Buddy owns a sushi bar here - so sometimes I can get good stuff from him. Nijiya will have ogo - but it's soo old, it looks brown and purple and smells like ammonia already! Same with 99 Ranch Market - I've seen it twice, but too old! I'm really picky about my fish - coming from Hii and all. Let me know if you find a good source for ogo, or fish! So far Point Loma Seafood and the Fishery have flunk my Maguro/Ahi test! BTW I've been told by some other "locals" that the Ahi from Zion market when fresh is good... I'll be doing a couple of types of poke on this sight in the future...


sight? ::giggles::


Joooo - sumtims my pingars gette al mixxeded up....


::laughing:: Oh yea? DO tell! ::sniffs with mock haughtiness:: that NEVER happens to me! ::guffaw::

So umm... what the heck is ogo? Is it a sort of dried fish? It's possible I could come up with it. Speaking of coming up with stuff, I shot a kite to HK and am waiting for reply regarding }}da da da dum{{ the secret ingredient. I'll keep you er... PosteD? ::wink::


Hi Kirk,

The sandwich looks interesting, but I would agree that it looks like a lot of bread.

I don't normally eat ogo in poke and definitely don't eat it with Maui onions either. I like poke with just a little shoyu, a dash of sesame oil, chopped chili pepper (or chili pepper water) and a sprinkling of green onions.

Haven't had poke in a while though.

BTW. Elmer Guzman, formerly of Sam Choys has opened a new poke shop. Read about it on Monday.


Hi Reid - Funny you should mention Elmer Guzman - my Big Kahuna Burner had an "instructional DVD" - mostly just "pimping" sauces and stuff - but guess who's doing the cooking demo on the DVD? None other than Elmer Guzman!!! :) BTW, I love ogo in my poke, it adds a nice texture, and a taste of the ocean!


Jo - Ogo is basically a type of seaweed! It's farmed in Hii - though I remember going to Ewa Beach and picking the stuff when I was younger...and secret ingredient - could it be....


I typically get my fish from Catalina Offshore. Recently I bought some fish from a newly opened market/restaurant right next to Siesels Market in Bay Park. I don't recall the name of it though. The ahi was really good. One of these days I will have to try the restaurant.


Jack - It was Bay Park Fish - I reviewed it (the fish market side)earlier - along with Seisel's. Great minds think alike, huh???


Kirk - Great food obsessed minds :)

I also remember when I was a youngster walking the beaches of Ewa Beach picking seaweed. Didn't really like it then.


Jack - I really didn't like cleaning all the rocks and sand, and other stuff from my ogo! Glad to have the farm raised stuff.....

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