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Monday, 18 July 2005



Jo - That's the actual song printed on the side of the bottle of vegemite I got lying (believe me it's lying - in fact it may be alive..) around.


Kirk, I have a hunch we will be singing "tunes" and reminicing cartoons until the wee hours! Not to mention nibbling on beer brined chicken, assorted baklava, deviled eggs (Personal Specialty), freshly fried peanuts with Sichuan Pepper, and everything else I can think of between now and then... Poor Pepper!


Hi Jo - No I think it's more like "Pepper, you lucky dog..." BTW, at the mention of Goldilocks - they make a mean Baga-ong Rice!!!


Do tell? We tried it when they first opened and we were impressed with nothing. Maybe we can hit the joint together and get a different outcome! Pepper will have special treats of his own waiting. A nice smoked pigs ear and a smoked bone as big as he is!

We really are looking forward to him joining the family.


Jo - It depends on "what kind" of Goldilocks it is - some are restaurants, some are only bakeries, so I'll find out - I've already been asked to bring back - Ube - Puto...


Yep, this is the restaurant/bakery variety. We didn't try the bakery side. We tried to do some lunch. It was sort of expensive for what we got as I recall and we were not overly impressed with what we got. But it's been awhile, I wouldn't have a problem hitting them again.

clare eats

I can't beleived I missed all this!!!!

Hmmm vegemite rocks ok? It has lots of vit b.... the only problem being that you eat it on toasted bread with lots of butter and only alitte vegemite ;) Whenever they make it for Americans on TV it is always REALLY THICK! and hardly any butter *ick*

The song needs an explanation point after the Because we love!"vegemite", We all Adore! our Vegemite.... *grin*


Hey Clare - I think the bottle of Vegemite is so small they didn't have enough space for that last "!"....I'll eat it if let me know how to make it best!


There it is, the secret to Vegemite goodnes, 5 parts butter to 1 part Vegemite. Heck, I'd be able to eat anything like that! ::wink::


Jo - I think I like 5 parts butter to one part scone better!


Oh man, don't you know it! I like the one's they sell at Peet's best. That is one thing I've never tried making on my own. No real desire to either come to think of it...

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