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Monday, 18 July 2005


clare eats

Yum! the food looks good, it is so different to anything you get here in OZ.


Hi Clare - Not the most polically correct meal, but for me this is comfort food. I love loco moco's, and soon I'll post a "loco-shoot-out" or "gravyfest" between the loco moco's here in San Diego. The eggs and the burger were perfect, the gravy wrong, and the salad heinous.

clare eats

Why is this not politically correct food?

Yuck! lumpy gravy I must have missed that. Relish in the pasta salad??? weird man!


Hey Clare - It's not unusual for people to put relish or pickle juice into macaroni salad! After all Miracle Whip (ugh) has that kind of vinegary taste!

clare eats

Ha! See that is why I am soooo lucky! I don't think you can even by miracle whip in oz!


Hi Clare - Maybe I SHOULD start swimming this time to get to a Miracle-whipless land, huh? :)


::considers moving to a miracle whipless place:: ::smiles softly:: WELL, The only loco moco I have experience with is the one from Rainbow in Honolulu. I wasn't exactly crazy about the gravy. I wasn't excited about the egg/beef flavor combo either. No reflection on the food, just not what my tongue is into... Gotta agree with the relish in the mac salad. Nasty stuff and you will never ever find me putting it in mine, however, that's the it's done down south. Maybe they are really from Georgia or Florida? Trying to escape the High Wind zones? =oP Tell ya what though, I could eat mediocre food till the cows came home as long as it was served by a friendly face. Service is the real king in my book.

Speaking of service, I'm menu planning already... =o) If you want something in particular, you best give a hoot 'n holler!

clare eats

hmm yes it is a blessed place...
no miracle whip, no marshmallow fluff, no white castle, no wendys (actually we do but ours sell ice cream) hmm no orange cheese or cheese in a can! :) still cant get over that one!

clare eats

Hi Kiri...
you never explained why it isnt politically correct???


Hi Jo - You may be right, I was in Atl for almost a year, and had potato salad that tried to be coleslaw....what's the deal with sweet tea?? I love a good loco moco - and I do like Rainbow's version, or even Cafe 100 in Hilo.

Hey Clare - To continue the above comment; people in the office shudder in the fear that only mass doses of cholesterol can bring on. The Atkins people shudder at the three starches to one protein ratio. And the anti-egg team grosses out at runny yolks, eeek! I guess the combination of a hamburger patty, egg, and gravy freak some people out - but I wathc them eat scrambled eggs covered in ketchup with pork sausages and hash browns.....(BTW, I love all of the above)Go figure???


Oh, BTW - For those who might be concerned about my physical(and arterial) well being, I only eat this stuff maybe once a month! My usual breakfast is Kimchee and Rice...just kidding! It's usually plain yogurt and a banana, I could blog about that, but I think it'll be a little boring....

clare eats

ahhh now I understand!

The only food that restaurants smother in gravy (not like that gravy though) is roast and chips!

I love reading about the whole different food culture you have going on over there.... :)


*in my best Homer Simpson voice* Mmm, loco moco...

hey, is this rutt's cafe affiliated with the one on Washington Blvd in Mar Vista?


Hi Clare - Thanks, I'm glad you're enjoying this.....

Hi Pam - What I do know is that the original owner sold the Rutt's name and Rutt's in Culver City - so I'm thinking it probably is the same - next time I'm by there I'll ask. Or maybe you could drop-in since you're a bit closer...then you can drive up to Colima Road and get a fix of stinky tofu!!! LOL!


Roast & chips??? Huh? And what exactly is wrong with marshmallow fluff? I have to agree with you on White Castle, but only cause being a southerner I'm totally loyal to Krystal! Marshmallow fluff & peanut butter on saltine crackers saved my life at one point! I'll have to post on that someday... Prolly why I need the chilies today ::grin::


Hi Jo - Hmmm, "My life was saved by Marshmallow Fluff & peanut butter on saltine crackers", sounds like the subject for one of those afternoon talk shows....BTW, there is no whizzz, like cheesewhizz!

clare eats

see I am being alittle judgemental here seeing as I have never tried any of them ;) LOL!

Lots of Aussies can't beleive your cheese is orange and you can get it in a can!


Clare, I'm not sure if the canned stuff is truly cheese. There might be some legal issues there... But hey, you Aussies eat Vegemite! I mean WOW! Isn't that fermented yeast or something? hmmm ::returns from a trip to the Vegemite website:: ::lifts a teasing eyebrow:: Well, ChezeWhiz may not be as nourishing as Vegemite, but it's certainly on one of those "must have on occasion lists". Right next to "Little Debbie" oatmeal creme cakes and "Suzie Q's".

As for the orange cheese, that really is a puzzler. I've often wondered why that got started. There are several British import cheddars that are colored as well. I've purchased white cheddar (typically produced in Vermont) but it is WAY to expensive for cheese that tastes exactly the same as other cheese half the price. I prefer Tillamok brand.

Kirk, I think you and I are gonna do a few duets while you are here. I'll have to teach you the "Burger King" song, "The Red Onion" song, "The Wooden Shoe" song... To bad my dad won't be here ;o)


Hi Clare & Jo - We're happy little Vegemites as bright as bright can be. we all enjoy our Vegemite for breakfast, lunch, and tea, our mummies say we're growing stronger every single week,because we love our Vegemite, we all adore our Vegemite, it puts a rose in every cheek. LOL!!!


hmmm... ::grinning crookedly and wondering if she should start praying now for laryngitis:: ;o)

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