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Saturday, 16 July 2005


clare eats

Wow... I have only ever heard about smelly tofu. How does the smell compare to ripe washed rind cheese???

One ton chips *grin* that is hilarious.....

I thought I would start the swim in the morning... :P


Hi Clare - To quote my wife "it smells like it came from a dark, damp, smelly place", only thing is she wasn't talking about Cho Dofu! I'm trying to figure out what to relate this to! But it's not "cheesy". You should find a Taiwanese Restaurant and try it yourself! Or start doing the backstroke-backstroke ;)


My dad & I happened upon smelly tofu centuries ago. There was a market at the corner of Narbonne & what, Crenshaw? Hawthorne? Lomita Blvd? I don't know for certain but kitty cornered from the market was a Carl's Jr. Anyway, this market had all kinds of "unusual" food stuffs. We bought our first "Top Ramen" noodles from this place. My dad and I are, well, adventuresome, in our eating habits with emphasis on anything fried. Fried tofu SEEMED to be right up our alley! Boy were we ever wrong wrong wrong! ::laughing::


Hi Jo - Let me tell you, this smelly tofu, is really smelly. BTW, I think they still sell a frozen version - though it might be an urban legend - I've been looking for it for a while now...


Hi Kirk,

I've never had the stinky tofu, but I'm going to look for it on my next visit to SE Asia. Should be coming up next Feb/Mar. I'm really trying to either go to Malaysia or to Shanghai. We'll see how that works out.

clare eats

hmm I havent seen it at any but I will look next weekend when I am in chinatown!

I have linked you cause u r too funny kirk :P


Hi Reid - I had never heard of Sticky Tofu until I moved to the Mainland - it's everywhere in Monterey Park - Mostly a Tainwanese thing. Wow/Malaysia or Shanghai! Can't wait for the pic's, and the reviews of Xiao Long Bao.

Hi Jo - Thanks much - I love your cat photo's! I believe it's called "Cho Dofu", good luck!


Cat photos??? ::pondering:: cat photos... ::cocks head:: cat photos??? ::wanders away across lawn of B&B::


Ooops, smelling too much tofu! It's Clare's cute cat - Kiri. Better get my room at the B&B ready!


::roaring:: OK, that's better. I thought I was REALLY derrainged. Not a stretch by any means. Yep, we are prepping a nice cozy spot for you here. By the way, since you won't give us time to haul you around "From Here to Eternity", I might have to use you to trial some of the recipies Clare just gave me. Would you be a willing inmat... ummm... err.. ::laughs nervously:: guest?


omg, soooo funny about the stinky tofu! my whole family loves that stuff, i tried it once and couldn't get over the smell. it smells like ass.


Kirk, you were up in my hood! Or at least my hood during the weekend when I visit my parents.

That corner where Hsau May reeks with the stinky tofu stench. There's a stall with open windows down the alley where a poor guy is frying the stuff up in a big wok. They sealed him off from the rest of the restaurant, but I don't think that strategy works since the smell finds it way into every nostril in sight.

Haven't had stinky tofu yet, but I love reading about it...especially the way Eddie Lin describes it in his Deep End Dining piece.


Hi Jo - I'll gladly be a test subject "inmate"...

Hey Pam - I'm wondering just what kind of "ass" it smells like two-legged one's or the kind with 4 legs...HA! LOL! You made my day!! :) So you're the stinky-tofu-Black-Sheep of the Family, huh?

Elmo - We lived about a half block or so from here for almost 4 years. I hadn't been back for over a year and I'm really surprised at some of the changes in the neighborhood.I got the smell of the tofu on my hand and couldn't get it off, I was worried that I'd pass it to my steering wheel and it wouldn't come off!


You've got me wondering... how did that poke turn out? Can you get good ogo in LA?


Hi Alan - I'll post the Poke this week - it came out good - I did two types of poke. The ogo we get in LA is not great quality - it's the real think Limu, but it''s better than nothing.

clare eats

hmm this might be a stoopid question but how is poke different to sushi/sushimi?


I think Alan from Ma'ona summarizes poke in his usual eloquent style:
I'll post on my poke later this week.


And THAT Clare, is how they are different! ::laughing::

Gary Soup

Sorry, the link from my website to the scientific article on stinky tofu was broken. Here's one that works:


Hi Gary - Thanks for the update, I've revised my post to reflect the update!

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