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Thursday, 14 July 2005


clare eats

that looks great, just what i need... can I come over for dinner too :)

We can't get lots of varietys of kim chee easily here :(


::grin:: Namul is one of my favs. Boy, wish I had cooked that instead of my late night semi disaster! I'm posting on it in a few...


Clare - Thank you for commenting. Zion market actually sells in pretty large containers - so by all means come on over!!! I could probably feed the neighborhood....BTW, I love your cat photo's :)

Hi Jo - oh-oh, sounds kinda bad - I'll check on you in few...The cucumber kimchee is pretty good.


hi kirk! omg - i love that i come here at 10 am and the first thing i see is a giant picture of kimchee!!! lol! what a way to kickstart the day :)

i think you are, but i just call it oi kimchee. same thing, easier to remember. ;)

clare eats

Thanks Kirk.... I think I am alittle obsessed with kiri....

Ok, hows about tomorrow? do you think I will make it in time? *sigh* I wish!


heyla Kirk,
One of my fav meals Kimchi and rice. Yeah some people put seafood into their baechu kimchi, sometimes I do put chopped up shrimps (saewoo chut) or not, but I hate it when it tastes fishy. I have to agree with Sara usually i just say Oi kimchi but the correct way is Oi-Sobaegi, but i'm lazy ;P Im kinda weird when in come to Kong Namul I think its the mood thing. Although I like the body of the kong namul better than the head, so that might be the reason. looking at your post i had to have kimch and rice too. One of my favorite Kimchi's during the summer is Nabak Kimchi (SO refreshing) oh and Tong chimi...ok i better stop now!


Hi Sarah - So Kimchee - it's not just for breakfast anymore? I know people who freak out at the thought of KimChee at 1000 - poor misguided souls - I just wish that I had smell-a-vision for that. And simply 'Oi' it is. I'm still waiting to make stuff from your fantastic BiBimBap post!

Hey Clare - Well if you start swimming now.... I'm pretty sure that people think we're obsessed with our two I can relate.

Milly - After your comments - I think I'll have to have KimChee & Rice for dinner again tonight. LOL!


Kim Chee and rice is one of my favorite meals. This use to be one of my staples in college when I was a veg-head and not eating meat....silly me


Jack - You, a vegetarian? No way....We'll take away your Kama'aina status for that you know!!! But kimchee and rice is one of my "lazy" standby's....


HAH yupperoonies, have to agree on that one. It is my lazy standby although last night I made kimchi fried rice for dinner just cuz i had kimchi and rice for lunch ;P



Milly - KimChee Fried Rice is good stuff - Big City Diner in Kaimuki (Hii) used to make a good version. I used to make KimChee omelette's as well. And I think best of all - A security guard n one of former jobs used to eat Peanut Butter & KimChee sandwiches - I never had the guts to ask for a taste!


PEANUT BUTTER AND KIMCHI...Hmmm might have to try that one. I have tried hmm interestinf versions of korean food and other foods mixed together. In one part of my life i was addicted to chimichangas and kimchi together...*sigh*



Milly - You'd try Peanut Butter and Kimchee - you're alot braver than I am!!! :)


Brave? Kirk, the woman eats habanero peppers for dessert! I think she's WAY past brave... I do have to wonder how her sinuses manage to get backed up with all the heat?!?!?


Hi Kirk,

Kim chee and rice, why didn't you just make kim chee fried rice? What's really funny is that on the day you posted this, I had kim chee fried rice for lunch. It was great!


Hi Jo - Guess that habanero ice cream must be real tasty, huh???? ;)

Hey Reid - I really didn't want to do anything - just scoop out rice and dump kimchee on the plate - worked out well for me.

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