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Thursday, 21 July 2005


clare eats

I want fried green tomatoes too! I have NEVER HAD THEM *sigh*

I have never had the cooked bones, but I love fried salmon skin! :)


Hi Milly - Here's something you might try - I've used it on my Ahi Carpaccio, on okonomiyake, and other stuff.
Wasabi Oil
1/4 cup wasabi powder
2 Tb mirin
1 tsp suger
1/4 canola oil
1/4 cup water
Mix dry ingredients. Add water slowly (less if necessary) whisking until the texture is like tempura batter. Add oil whisking in slowly. Let "oil" rest for at least 1 hour before using. If storing cover tightly - will slowly lose it's "pungency" over time.

Hi Jo - I would never use my really good heirloom tomatoes for fried green tomatoes. Actually, some deviled eggs sound pretty good....

Hi Clare - Fried green tomatoes when done right are really good - when done badly - blech! I don't know if you've ever had Salmon Skin Salad - but it can be very tasty!



Oh! Thank you for the recipe...*saving it right now* hmmm that does make it even more appetizing on the tomaters...

There are good fried green tomatoes and REALLY BAD fried green tomatoes...I hope you get a chance to eat some really good fried tomatoes soon!


Hi Milly - Please let me know how it turns out!


I'll keep the growing temps in mind Kirk. I've been wanting to try growing sesame but again, they need the high temps. On the other hand I've had some pretty good luck with my fire lily. It's a Florida native and also accustomed to heat. It hasn't done quite as well as it would have there, but still and all, it's done a lot better than I expected. Do you know if the roots have to experience a particular temperature extreme to achieve optimum flavor?

As for fried tomatoes, green or otherwise, I think if you did a sort of thick batter, maybe along the lines of corndog batter and had a cheese & bacon paste equal to the tomato and dipped then fried... I say that because lately I've been making "Cheese Salad Sandwiches". I mix grated cheddar/jack with mayo, mustard, salt & pepper. Spread on bread, but not to thick, top with tomato slices and green pepper rings, broil about 10 to 15 minutes. Mega YUMMO!


Hi Jo - Sounds great - want to make sure ya' can still taste de' ole' tom-mato in there though!!!



Oh your sandwhich sounds good, but I have to agree with Kirk that the tomatoes would be hidden. Im still voting for a good grilled cheese sandwhich with tomato and a sweet to a mild onion. Oh, so awesome....(0R really good pimento cheese and onions)....*drool*


OK somebody save a few tomatoes for me alright!!! I'll have mine with just a touch of sea salt...


OH trust me! The tomato flavor doesn't get lost here. It's open face as well so the first thing to hit the roof of your mouth is the lovely, bursting warm tomato with just a touch of the pepper. Then the wonderful melty cheese melds in along with the bread texture. Use a good bread of course, I like a traditional shaped/sliced loaf for this, preferably of the whole grain nut variety. hmmm, looks like I'll have to put this into the "must feed Kirk" category. We'll try to send you home with a few tomatoes as well. It isn't a great tomato year, but the further into the season we go the better they are. And this heat we are having is wonderful for them!

OH, and you can have some plain tomatoes too! In Mallorca, when my Dad was a kid, a man with a "pa amb oli" (I'll have to teach you how to pronounce this in person) cart would show up at his school during breaks. For half a penny a kid could get a slice of bread with olive oil. Kids with moderate income could get a slice of tomato as well, that was another half penny. Then there was "Rolo the Rich Kid" and for 2 pennies he got oil, tomato, AND a sardine! Trust me, we Spaniards know how to eat well! ;o)


Ha Jo - I misread and I thought you said you "rolled the rich kid"....for tomato's not less. Well I have to take your word on that sandwich, and I think you still have to prove it to Milly and I....poor us!


Hey, Mills got a birthday tomato yesterday... There's more where that one came from and those are my personal tomato of choice for this particular sandwich.

hmmm, wonder if we could vacuum pack and mail them to Reid & Clare... ::wanders off to ponder this possibility::

clare eats

Toasted chibatta rubbed with olive oil, slices of tomato s&p and a good drizzel of EV olive oil *drool* mmmmmmmmmmmm


oh yea, there it is Clare, the essense of the European flavor! Is there an equivilant Asian flavor? Equal in simplicity that is? I adore the Sichuan style peanuts I've been doing lately from the book that Kirk sent me. I make those every few days at least!

But is there some sort of "unifying" thing? The bread oil tomato combo would tie France, Spain, Portugal, and Italy...


Kazu is the best! This is number one restaurant in San Diego. Great atmosphere too!


Hi Daniel - Welcome, and thanks for commenting! The food at Sakura is top notch.

jeffrey C

great time in SD with you. Wanted to check on the braised pork belly you mentioned and saw it. It looks great. The squid intestines, hmm, I'll have to think about that but hey if you can eat fish sauce then I guess these should be no problem.
The mountain yam ingredient, is that what you advocate using in your okonomiyaki? I recall that it gives the okonomiyaki a special texture and taste. Oh, I've heard that LA has got okonomiyaki grills restaurant but I don't remember the name.


Hi Jeffrey - I had a blast as well. The Shiokara at Sakura is the best I've had...but be prepared for "salty".

The Yamaimo/Nagaimo does give the okonomiyaki it's distinctive texture...I've tried Potato Starch, but that just doesn't do the trick.
The Okonomiyai Restaurant is probably Gaja - they also do Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki. Here's a post by Elmo(Monster Munching):

Here's another visit of ours to Sakura:

Have fun!!


i just went here for the first time today.

wow. just wow.

i ordered the AJI and it was amazing, so smooth and delicate. I also go the braised pork, miso sea bass (very good) and the octupus pancake.

my buddy got the halibut (delicious very generous size), udon (real seaweed inside! not the dry kind), and agedashi tofu (probably the best i've ever had! grated radish on top)

the guy sitting at the sushi bar, had some delicious looking sashimi, a hot pot, and i guess saki but they brought out a large container of ice for him and a bottle of some sort of liquor.

61$ after tax/tip. Not too bad, just wonderful, i'm so surprised at the quality

my friend asked me where i found out about this place and i just said "i read it somewhere" haha


Hi Clayfu - Good stuff, huh? The Aji is always excellent, though you will pay top dollar for it. I'm glad you enjoyed can kind of spoil you, though.

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