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Thursday, 21 July 2005



Hi Kirk,

The sashimi looks so fresh. My personal favorite has got to be hamachi. Yum!


Hi Reid - Yes the sashimi was very fresh, Hamachi when it's good quality and fresh and buttery is an amazing thing!


I'm not keen on those things raw. But I would dearly love to try the sashimi cuts tempura battered and fried. Is that even done? Or would the waitress bash me over the head with a sake bottle if I even asked?

clare eats

That looks sooooo goood!


Hi Jo - I've had fish tempura, but not sliced like sashimi - it would cook the fish and defeat the purpose of having fish this $$$ and fresh.

Psst Clare - I'll tell you a of the best part of this dish was the Aji bones - I've never had them prepared to this state of perfection - even the heads were totally crunchy and crisp...


Ooooh. I'm one of those that loves fried fish bones...especially when it's like crackers...

Thanks for the report!

You truly are doing a great service for chowish visitors of San Diego! Like me!


Wow, I'll really have to give this place a try. Is this the same shopping center as Original Pancake House? I can't believe I never saw it before. I can't wait to try it out, I love those fried shrimp heads. Soooo good....

By the way, all your talk of banh mi compelled me to visit A Chau in City Heights. The sandwich was very good. The last bite caught me off guard because it was all pepper and the rest of it was very mild. I had a chargrilled pork and the dac biet, and both of them had a nice rich flavor. I didn't mind the doughiness of the bread that you mentioned, but I'll have to try out your other recs.


Regarding "Tako Wasabi", is the dish traditionally round so that you won't slice off your fingers when you grab it after biting into the wasabi? ;o) Tako is octopus right? The dish looks like a martini glass... Between that and those "MAHVELOUS" looking fermented squid entrails.... ::cough:: You need to eat more peanut butter cookies dude!


Mills says she would try those intestines by the way. Just as long as her hubby wasn't watching when she did!


I should read more carefully... it's actually the mackerel bones that are fried! I haven't tried that before. Yet another item to add to my list of things to eat before I die...


Hi Elmo - Yes, those fish bones!!! This was the best I've had. I've been here a few times, and almost always try to get Aji Sashimi, and it's always been good, Kazu sure knows how to pick and prepare them - but there's usually just a bit of the bones that are too tough - but this time we just ate everything!

Hi Howie - Yes, this is in the same mall - you know this place had been reviewed alot on Chowhound, but not in the last year or so - maybe I'll cross post in Chowhound. BTW, things can get expensive here....


Hi Jo - Real Wasabi is very different from the powdered rehydrated stuff - basically mustard powder with additives. I'm thinking about getting some fresh wasabi and storing it at my favorite sushi bar. The Shiokara, was very good! Like I said I had it before and it was terrible. BTW, that was Ed's pick, the brave and adventurous soul that he is!

Howie - Yes, it's Aji (spanish mackerel), though - not Saba (mackeral)! The Maguro Yamakake was also really good!



I love izakayas. And aji sashi...YUM! I love aji senbei, it's the best. Everything you guys ordered were great choices...I'm hungry now.


Sashimi tempura!! Sacrilege!! :oD Like Kirk said you wouldn't want to use such high grade sashimi fish just to tempura it. Probably would be good though.


Hi Jup - It was actually your post on sushi that got me wanting this stuff in the first place! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


Wow Kirk...this is looking like a great meal in the "heatwave" that we are having here in San Diego.


*sigh* real wasabi...Where are you going to get it. I havent found it here, but then again I havent really looked. Oh the sashimi looks great! ;9 Then the meal topper you get fried aji bones, and here I am left to drool and be envious of you! Great post, and yes I would try the squids entrails but I can't eat anything raw in front of DH. *sigh* I can already here him now..."You're a microbiologist you should know better!"...But its SO GOOD! LOL Thanks again Kirk.


I wouldn't mind trying "real" wasabi. I prefer fresh horseradish as well. If you happen to come accross seed, maybe we could grow some.

AS for my love of tempura ::sniff:: ::pouts:: I feel VERY picked on! AS a REAL U.S.ofA. Suthun style rebel gal, I's believes that if it's wuth eatin, it's wuth fryin fust! So There! ::turns her back on the hopefully stunned crowd and pouts with her hands on her hips::


Hi Milly - Real Wasabi can be bought from they've been around for awhile, and are pretty reputable. I worked around medical professionals for over 20 years - everything can harm you, you need to find good reputable places that serve the food you enjoy - if you truly enjoy them, or just do without....

Hey Jack - Yes, this was a very "refreshing" meal in that sense...even the Buta Kakuni was pretty "light"! Everybody's whining about the humidity - but it's nothing like "back home" - though my tolerance is alot lower than it used to be!

Hey Jo - Wasabi is very hard to grow, it needs a very stable temp of 70-75 degrees - you can order Wasabi seeds from the same source as I mentioned to Milly. If it's really the best, you can eat it in it's most perfect state first - tell me that you'll take one of your wonderful heirloom tomatoes and batter and fry 'em up....LOL!!! As I run and call in the riot squad.....



Thanks for the link! Yeah I know a lot of things can kill your or make you sick. I worked in the hospital for awhile, and my major punds it into yuur brain, but hey i still like to eat raw sea creatures. ;P :> My problem was letting my husband sit in on a parasitology presentation, and next I know he is giving me the evil eye. *sigh* It's not so bad, most times I just go eat with friends (not jo no raw sea food for her *wink*). *shrug* But once in awhile it puts a damper on what I want to eat. But its not so bad, but I totally agree about making sure it is a reputable place with fresh sea food.

Hmmm fresh wasabi and heirloon tomatoes...THAT SOUNDS WONDERFUL! Kirk your going to need the riot police to keep me from Jo's tomato patch. As I skillfully evade the coppers (by pure dumb luck ) while cuddling nice big fat tomatoes,"Come here my little precious tomatoes and meet Mister Wasabi and I would like to introduce you both to my stomach." hmmm ok I think I need to go to bed...


Hey, ain't ya nevuh heerd tell of Fried Green Tomatoes? Actually, I have a very old fritter batter recipe that was originally used for apples that could be modified slightly and used with tomatoes... hmmm... ::arches a brow:: You might get frittered tomatoes when you get here... Along with your beer brined chicken, baklava, deviled eggs... HEY MILLS, what kind of snacks are you bringing??

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