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Wednesday, 27 July 2005


clare eats

oh that sucks!
I think ham steak and pineapple is still pretty much considered hawain food to many Aussies!(ie the pizza ;) )

But not me no more, I am up on the hawain ono grindz *grin*


Hi Clare - Yes you are! And it's a shorter "swim"! LOL! And don't get me started on that pizza!

clare eats

ha ha ha

much shorter swim. Perhaps we should meet there for some grindz instead?


Oh Kirk I am so sorry it was a dissapointment today. The pictures looked great but I guess looks were decieving.


So umm... what is the cutlet gravy SUPPOSED to be? More like a cream gravy? You know what I miss? The rice & brown gravy they served at Fleming Jr. High down in Lomita. I'm sure it was technically nasty stuff, but the rice was sticky and the gravy was oh so yummo. I think it cost a dime.


Hi Clare - We'll need to fill up on some grindz for the swim back, so I;m in agreement.

Hi Milly - It's not so much the food - it was the gross pineapple and screwing up my order that kind got me discombobulated...the Katsu was actually done very well - but it wasn't what I ordered.

Hi Jo - It's more of a brown type gravy, you can check out the pic on my L&L post - I'd go for gravy and rice for a dime!


So the same as the locomoco gravy? Yea, I've searched and searched for a similar gravy, nada. I can make the rice & I do bacon cream gravy instead.

By the way you swimming folk, eat enough fat and you'll stay nice & warm on that swim!! ;o)


Hi Jo - Yes the same as the loco moco gravy. If you swim you'll need the thermalgenic effect right (of course I know what I'm talking about...)....


I've only been here a few times, usually when I "needed" a gadget at Great News and haven't really been impressed. Not bad, not great, just ok. And what's up with the Pineapple ring?!!?

As much as I love going to the upscale restaurants in Hawaii, the places I crave the most are the local type/okazuyas that you take for granted when you are there.


Hey Jack - I agree, it's the "everyday grinds" that I really miss. I hate the pineapple ring, totally grosses me out, they should lose it...


Hi Kirk,

I don't like the association of pineapples/ham and Hawaii. But then again, we have the best pineapples here. I had some of the juicy ones from Sarawak when I was in Singapore and they don't compare to the sweet juicy ones we get here.

Now, this place serves food that could pass for L&L. The barbecue chicken at L&L has very little marinade on it these days. In fact, I don't even order it anymore. My favorite is the loco moco, but I do think the gravy can be a little to "thin" depending on which location you visit.

I wonder -- what do these people think makes a barbecue "Hawaiian".


Hi Reid - Let me tell you that canned pineapple really disgusts me - the whole ham/pineapple thing...I didn't know that the BBQ chicken at L&L is now so bland - that's kind of sad. I'll be doing a multi part "Loco" showdown soon - at the risk of personal arterial damage. :)


SWIM KIRK SWIM!! ok, so you think that canned pineapple rings are, gross, disgusting, yoso-yucko. Am I clear on this? Now the question is, why? I can totally come together with you on the ham association thing. It doesn't work for me either. But what about pineapple upside down cake? Or just scarfing it straight from the can? I prefer fresh, but sometimes it just ain't economically happening...

clare eats

ha ha "yoso yucko" I think you need to claim that one Kirk! Perfect for those stinker restaurants! *Grin*


Nice site been reading ever since Reid posted your link. Just had to comment that you are a 100% right...L&L don't know how to make katsu sauce.


Hi Jo - Nothing personal against canned pineapple, but in this context. I love fresh pineapple - I miss the small sugar pineapple, to me the tastiest. And I like pineapple juice.

Hey Clare - Yeah, LOL! BTW, I think Jo's thinking about the swimming thing too!

Hi Kyle - L&L's "sauce", is just not Katsu sauce, I don't know who had the idea for it, but I think it's terrible. And thanks for taking time out to check out this humble little site!


OK, I totally understand how you feel now. Actually, Mike is of a like mind. He worked at the Dole plant after (maybe before?) his stint at the Ala Moana McD's.

clare eats

Jo and Milly Should join us, aren't we having lunch at Reids now??


Hey Mills! Got a spare bathing cap?



Sure I have an extra cap. *hands Jo the cap* **doing the back stroke**

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