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Monday, 04 July 2005



Hi Kirk,

Looks like you had a feast there. Hope you had a good one. Now it's back to work tomorrow. *sigh*


Reid- Yep, I guess it's back to the grind. But I hope you had a good 4th as well. And yes, it was a good one for us!


YAHOO! I've FINALLY been remembered! Kirk, my man, you clearly outdid yourself! Regarding the lobster, did you start with live or just tailmeat? Those shrimp look delicious as well. ::grinning:: I'm afraid I won't comment on the sausage, it looks way to hot for me to even think about it at this distance!

I've been grinding all day. How exciting can laundry be? Let me count the ways...


Hi Jo - No the lobster was not live - it was one of those last minute "impulse buys" from costco actually - Australian Lobster Tails! I never got the chance to taste it, but understand it was good. Can you believe two people ate all of this?


umm.. Yea ::snigger:: Trust me, I can believe it rather easily! I'm gonna have to send or post some photos of one of our New Year's Eve Feasts, 1 lobster, 1 dungeness crab, and 1 lb of shrimp per person... all boiled in Zatarain's and served with garlic butter, homemade cocktail sauce, saltines & sweet batard. Oh my... talk about your peel & suck heaven!!!

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