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Saturday, 09 July 2005



I've been a regular at Dao Son since a month after opening in 1994 (original location was on Park Blvd), although my relocation to the Bay Area a couple of years ago limits my visits to a couple of times a year now. They've been solid since a few months after opening and little has changed since (including the prices). It's a great family-run place and definitely worth trying out. Some of the dishes are fried, many are spicy, but there's definitely something for everyone. Some of my personal favorites are the Vietnamese spring rolls (fried, pork), fresh spring rolls (shrimp, wrapped in rice paper, not fried), chicken rice pot, katsu don (K.D.), katsu curry (or curry chicken if you're avoiding fried), soba yakisoba (very mild), garlic chicken (I have ordered garlic chicken all except for once in the 100+ times I've eaten at Dao Son), tasty red chicken, 5-spice game hen, lemon grass chicken, chicken with black bean and garlic sauce, chicken rice pot (mild), tofu with spice sauce (very spicy - I usually order mild). I know it sounds like I'm reciting the menu, and are others I like that I didn't mention, but this should show you that there's a lot to choose from. Please give this place a try if you haven't already and keep a great family-run restaurant going! You'll be happy you did.

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