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Saturday, 09 July 2005



Hi Kirk,

Good job with the photos and the commentary. I think the food looks good here, except for the fact that it was all deep fried. I know...I know. I eat tons of deep fried stuff here too and I really need to stop. I think I'm actually putting on some weight. LOL!


Kirk-7am on Sunday morning and I am wanting something spicy and garlicy....I usually get take out here and order the lemongrass chicken (spicy!)as well as the red chicken. Both are really good. I've hesitated to order the garlic fish as I thought the sauce might overpower the fish. Usually it's both brothers on working but one time I saw an older woman prepping in the back...a mom or aunt? I really like supporting these family restaurants.


How fascinating! How do you find these places! I'm intrigued because this restaurant sounds like it's neither Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, or Thai, yet it has elements from all. It sounds like a different species of restaurant entirely. What is it? If you didn't take those awesome pictures, I would have imagined something else!


Hi Reid - I know, most of it is deep fried. But the Red Chicken is not, it's stir fried and I think one of the better dishes. But heck, if I'm going to use up my "batter points" on something I'll use them up here. Thanks for the compliment on the photo's I'm trying - though still not up to your standards!

Hey Jack - I should known that you'd probably have been here! I agree that we should support these family run businesses - still believe in Ohana, right? All the times we've been here, there's been a young lady (Chef's Wife?), and a young infant sleeping in an infant carrier placed on the middle table of the restaurant - he/she's starting early in the family business. Also, have you tried Ba Ren? If you like spicy and garlicky, it's a great place!

Elmo - When I lived in Hi, there was always a "buzz" about food - this new place or that place...we were always on the look-out! I've never quite lost that habit. "What's for lunch" was probably one of the most important parts of the day. I know the thought of Japanese Noodle House/Vietnamese Food can seem a bit strange. But in this case it works, more often than not, it doesn't.


Ya know, coming to the States you automatically get a mix of cuisine. I cogitate this particularly when I'm doing something "Asian". My father is from Spain, my mother from Georgia (north of Florida, not Russia) with Irish/Scot/Indian/German/English stock from WAY back. Here I am in California stir frying Vietnamese Cao Bahn? (Sorry, can't make the accent in Cao) Heck, I don't really know what Cao Bahn is! That's just the name on the package. I'm really making chow fun which, as far as I know, is Chinese. We ain't just fusion cuisine, we is fusion everything! That said, I need some New Orleans fritters, Mallorcan apricot coca, and a hot Vietnamese coffee for here please.


Jo - Yes, we're exposed to a variety of food products and cuisines. But especially on the coasts and in large cities.


True enough and more so now than when I was a kid. When I was little we had one Chinese restaurant in Jacksonville, Fla (at the time, the world's largest land mass city). It was called "Chopstick Charlie's. We loved it until we moved to LA and figured out that we were eating something closely akin to Chun King (remember the taped cans?) There were no Japanese restaurants, no Mexican, no nuthin! Heck, we didn't even have Taco Bell until I was 18! That was built on Beach Blvd. at Arlington. The world has come a long way gastronomically. But as you point out, get away from the big cities and costal areas and there ain't nuthin! The eats are still prime, but it's a whole different world and much more "secluded".


Jo - I distinctly remembering being in a "chinese restaurant" in Arkansas(desperate for was I), and asking for soy sauce and getting a bottle of La Choy, ick! Actually, I've got a ton of stories like this.....I'm sure I'll get to all of them in one way or another.


Actually - that was desperate for rice....


::laughing:: Oh yea, that must have been a shock and a half! La Choy... THAT was the other brand I was trying to think of. Seems they had a catchy little jingle at some point but I can't pull it up into my files.

I'm surprised you had trouble getting rice though. Southeners (at least where I'm from) eat tons of rice. Rice farming is big business in Louisiana and Texas. In our family we seldom had has mashed potatoes with our fried chicken (as you hear so much about) we had rice. And let me tell you, rice & gravy is a combo you can't beat with a stick! I'll have to make you a real southern style fried chicken dinner one of these grand ol' days.


Hi Jo - Once a bunch of us "guys" were in Cleveland and decided to make Kalbi - the only soy sauce we could find was....LaChoy. So how did we do it? LaChoy+Jack Daniels!


Killer dude! ::laughing:: I bet that kicked you all in the butt!

Mike V.

Just went there tonight (July 23 2005) based on your review.
Great stuff!
We had the red chicken and the garlic crispy chicken heated to 7 our of 10 on their scale with mixed vegetables on the side.
Everything was awesome!
The sauces were very hot but so damn tasty.
Just the right amounts of garlic and heat.
Very recomended.


Hi Mike - Thanks for commenting, and I'm glad you enjoyed your meal - I think that DaoSon is a real hidden gem, good food, good prices.


Hi Kirk! I was browsing your website for some good places to eat and decided to give Dao Son a try based on your review. It was awesome! After being a silent browser of your website, I decided to come out of hiding and tell you that your site has been a great reference for my husband and I whenever we want to be adventurous and try something new. Keep up the great work and thank you!


Hi Hannah - Thanks so much for the kinds words. I'm glad you enjoy Dao Son, and have some use for our humble little blog.

Alice Q. Foodie

Hi Kirk! I just tried this place for the first time today after hearing about it endlessly, and it was fantastic. The spring rolls were some of the best I've ever had, I was eating them in my car on the way back to work! I also had the rice vermicelli with shrimp, and it was delicious. I think I will try and pick up some takeout from their regular menu to take home sometime. The red chicken sounds particularly good. Cheers! - Alice


Hi Alice - I'm glad you enjoyed the food from Dao Son....I think it's "fusion" the way it should be done, with lot's of flavor!


Hi Kirk! Been an avid but silent reader for a while now. Hubby was looking for a place to eat in the area and called me asking for a recommendation(knowing I was an avid reader)so sent him here. He came home raving about this place! He loved having curry udon at SanBan downtown(now gone). He had the curry soba here. So last night we decided to try this place for dinner. The catfish with eggplant is now on the regular menu-awesome! We also had the tasty red chicken and also vermicelli with pork and shrimp. Everything was delicioso! We'll definitely be back! Love your blog, we've tried many of your recommendations! Thank you!


Hi Arlene - Thanks so much for the kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed DaoSon, it's one of those places that people tend to overlook. I hope I'm able to provide at least a few more good places to eat for your Husband and Yourself!

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