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Monday, 25 July 2005


clare eats

I love Korean BBQ, I still need to find a really good place though.


Kirk-I am bummed to hear about your experience..."say it isn't so"!...We were thinking of going sometime this week but I am now having second thoughts. I, like you, don't go regularly because of the prices. If I am going to spend about $20+/person, I do not want to cook my meal and get all smelly. I could do just as well in my new kick-butt kitchen or in the backyard on my grill. For this reason I never understood the cook-your-own-steak restaurants.

Do you have your own or would like to share a korean marinade recipe? It seams that everyone I know from Hawaii has there own kalbi marinade.



I am so sorry to hear that the food quality was very uneven. I am hoping that it is only a bump in the road, and it will get back to being a wonderful place for Korean food.


I love cooking my own meats for Korean places, but then again its what I grew up with. It's what I was used to when I lived in Korea. I have to agree with you though on the cook your own steak places, I don't want to cook my own steak at a nice restaurant. Hmmm...(I'll have to think about that one) I rather do that at home, at a restaurant I want someone else to do the work! ;P :>


I know what you mean about cooking your own. Slapping together a marinade is not much work, and if you're going to cook your own at the table, why not just do it at home anyway. Maybe it's so that you don't have to do the dishes.

I remember Kirk posted his Korean BBQ marinade before. Maybe you can find it if you backtrack a little.


Hi Clare - I love Korean BBQ as well - this place used to ROCK! That's why I'm so dissapointed.

Hey Jack - You know, I've been giving this place alot of "pub" on Chowhound since 2003. Funny thing is the original Chef had worked in Hawaii for a long time - so the taste of his marinade was perfect for my taste. Well he didn't last long, but his marinade recipe was still in place. It looks like the direction of the restaurant is changing. My Kalbi Marinade can be found at - I made a few adjustments if you read the text. How it came out is at -
I don't understand the cook your own steak thing either - here on the mainland you can get prime meat as good as the stuff served in those places.

Hi Milly - Hope you've recovered from your B-Day bash! I don't mind cooking my own Korean BBQ, but most times I'm too darn hungry and it's like torture! Since I've been in San Diego, I've never really gone out for steak - I'd rather cook my own, it's to my taste -

Hey Howie - Man you're on top of things, I'd almost forgotten about that post. Cooking at home is great of you can get nearly the same quality and cooking conditions as the restaurant. We all get a bit lazy though! :)


I'm surprised you didn't give up your marinade recipe here Mills! Although we can't really relate quantities... This is what I put in mine

SPANISH onion, sliced thin
green onions, at least 1 bunch, 1/2" pieces
Korean or light soy sauce
splash of Mirin
brown sugar, just a touch (more flavor than white)
Malt syrup, gives gloss
black pepper to taste
sesame oil
sesame seed, toasted

I like to let the meat sit overnight so when I go to cook it the next day, I don't have to wait long ::wink::


Hi Jo - Like Jack said - everybody has their own Kalbi recipe! I'm surprised, no Kiwi or Papaya? I have used brown sugar, but have changed back to plain white sugar and I puree my onions & garlic...if the meat seems extra tough, soak in milk for 1hour


OH YEA! Garlic! I think I forgot that all together! No, I haven't used the papaya or pear yet but only because I'm new to it. It's in the game plan for upcoming attempts. You know how nothing is the same for me. I've always got to do it a little different! ;o)


Jo - That's what makes you the one and only 'Jo' - and for that, all together now - "WE ARE TRULY THANKFUL" - you don't know how long I'vew waiting to use that! LOL!



Well Jack asked for Kirk recipes and I didn't know if he was interested in another. So i was lazy and did not post it! NYAH ;P

I haven't had to use papaya or kiwi only because so far the meat I have bought here have been tender enough, but I have used one or both previously. Also my marinade changes with the way I am feeling and what i have on hand. Im SO ready for the Korean pears right now. :>


Milly - A "mood" marinader, huh? Sounds like a great title for a song....She's a mood marinader, a moood marinader...:)


Ohhh...yeah baybee sing it to me Kirk.

>shakes her bum bumity bum bum, and tried not to look like she's being electrocuted!<

No need to ask
She's a mood marinader
mood marinader
mood marinder
mood marinder

Coast to coast, LA to Chicago, a foodie tale.
Across the north and south, to Key Largo, a kalbi tale.

Well sorry Sade, i butchered that one! LOL

clare eats

he he he he he "*grin*!
I don't know what else to say!


Milly & Clare - I'm speechless...don't let Jo get ahold of this....

clare eats

i don't think I am ever going to let that one go!


Hi Clare - An instant classic then! Talk about taking an idea and running with it....

clare eats

Definately an instant classic :)
That's why you love them though, right?


Hi Kirk,

Too bad that this wasn't as good. I guess that gives you more of an incentive to come home huh? Korean food is really coming into its own here. It's not just the local Korean restaurants (plate lunch places and such), but the other speciality places too. Soon dubu, dak kalbi, yakiniku. So many of these places are popping up and they are really good. If that's one thing we need to do if/when you come home is visit some of the Korean restaurants. I can guarantee you'll forget all about Kim Chee II. LOL!

BTW...Mills, you're a hoot! Hope you enjoyed your birthday!


Hi Clare - Mills has come into her own, I think she's found what possibly is her true calling!

Hi Reid - Make me forget about Kim Chee II - Clint would scream if he heard that! But you're on...We've got a couple of Korean Tofu Houses here - but it's kind of hot for that kind of stuff right now. Funny thing is I'm supposed to have Korean for dinner again tonight!


You guys are killing me. I completely forgot that the recipe was on the post.

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