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Friday, 01 July 2005



Kirk, I love your "canine observation specialists". They are just to cute! You know, I'm a bit air headed sometimes... I should have sent some stuff for them! DUH! Dittmer has always had a wonderful assortment of smoked bones, ears, and other canine treats. ::sigh:: Well, now I know for sure I'll have to get another box to you eventually huh? You won't be to upset to taste some more baklava will you? ::wink wink::

I see you got some stuff to Reid also! I can't believe the Farrell's menu is exactly the same as it used to be. Absolutely amazing.


Jo - You've already been much too generous. My "boyz" just enjoyed waiting for the "stuff" to arrive - and Sammy (the black one) has a bit of a sweet tooth and enjoyed a bite of your Baklava...(and I sneaked them some pepperoni - sshhhh)


::laughing:: I just KNEW they had a wee little nibble of the pepperoni! I was wondering but I didn't want to say anything. I know about sweet tooth dogs though. Mike had a German Shepherd, old dog, when we got married. Not allowed in the house for ANY circumstance. But if I would cook a pot of beans (which ALWAYS had a Dittmer's ham hock), that animal would come and stand IN the kitchen and wait for me to give him the bones and the "leavings". That was the only time he was disobeidient and I wouldn't let Mike punish him for it.

On another topic altogether, are you having problems with TypePad since the update?


Jo - I haven't had any problems with Typepad - though I read the notice that they will be working on things through the weekend - you might want to open a ticket with them.


Well, right now the most annoying thing is that when I go to post a comment here or with Reid, I have to input my info everytime. I ASK it to remember me, but it don't... Grrr... ::laughing:: If that's the worst problem I have all day, well, it's been a good day! ::wink::


mmm, your first experiment! looks good!!! i can almost smell it over here in the northeast:D


Hi Kirk,

That Big Kahuna burner sounds amazing. I'd have a problem using something like that though, especially since I'm in a condo.

Have you heard about the turkey fryers? Deep fried turkeys were all the rage here last year!


Hi Jo - Ah yes, the technical challenges!! I'm still in my infancy here, too, so am learning somthin' new everyday.

Stef - The burner is quite fast and hot - you really must have your acto together - that's why no pictures - things happened so fast. You know when you watch those wok chaefs and the flame goes into the wok - well that happened to me - I knew it was going to go out, but really made for a bit of excitement.

Hey Reid - If you think about it, this is really a souped-up turkey fryer, but I've got to say they've got it down! I first had a deep fried turkey in Columbus, GA at a Xmas party back in 1997 - must say it was very moist and flavorful - the guy who did it showed me this oversized injection thing and how he did it, I guess over the years it migrated West.


Another "back east" turkey tradition I am dying to try is a New Orleans creation called a "Turduckin". For details, check out this website!

I've gotta go to bed & get the fireworks out of my eyeballs! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!

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