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Sunday, 31 July 2005



Hi Kirk,

I'm glad you had a nice visit with Jo and Mills. I was kinda bummed that I couldn't meet up with them when I was in the Bay Area...and to think I was right there and didn't have Jo's number! Ahhhh, maybe next time!


Yea, I was a total duffus to spaz out giving you the number man! Yep, next time. NEXT time, we will have the baklava ahead of time so we can go barter for Acme bread to go with Mike's coffee.

Think of it this way Reid, you officially have a report on the available accomodations. Just be sure to bring your own toothbrush! We'll take care of the rest... OH, and we will make you pay for your own bacon and paprika sausage! ::winks at Kirk:: Ain't that right?


Hi Reid - Yes it was alot of fun.

Jo - The paprika sausages are worth it believe me!

clare eats

Why do I live so far away? :(


Hi Clare - But we need you there - I'm learning so much from your blog - pssst also need a mangosteen connection!!! LOL! BTW you can always visit!

clare eats

I have some GREAT photos of the national park I am going to post in alittle bit ;)



It was such a blast to have you here, and I can;t wait til you and missus come to visit.


Yeah that was a big boo boo on our part, but you are so welcome to come here! We can do the world wind grocery tour and then eat sometime after 10pm! Maybe I should bring a sleeping bag so I dont have to drive home! ;P LOL


Man Kirk is right you have to become our mangosteen dealer. *sigh* I have only found canned mangosteens...*cry* I need to swim faster.
I can't wait to see your next post!


Kirk, you can have all the Paprika sausages you want! ::grin:: The Sheboygan Brat on the other hand, well, lets just say that you best enjoy the 2 you got! ::wink::

Heck Mills, you don't need a sleeping bag! You can have sofa space and a blanket! That is one comfy sofa, let me tell you! When I have sleep problems, that's where I end up!

Clare, I can't wait to see your pics! I love the matcha truffles though. Maybe Mills & I can do those today? I've got to put up a TON of tomatoes and make a huckleberry pie also. I can hardly believe we got enough huckleberries to make a pie off of 6 bushes!

Reid, maybe by the time you come this way we will have better accomodations. We have a really awesome apartment here, and we've done a lot to make it our home, we would still like to have a place where the boys can play outside in their own space without cars and stuff. Poor Kirk was put up in our Office/Craft/Guest room. I hope when he comes again with Missus, we can actually have a "2 people" size bed!

clare eats

ooh post a picture of huckleberries I haven't seen them before! NP pics are up dude! :P


You are in luck, I have found my digital camera last night! So today I have a date with Jo, and I will be taking pictures of the huckleberries for you.


Huckleberries either are or are not (depending on your information source) a type of blueberry. Don't ask me why, I don't quite understand it. Regardless, we will post photos of both the plants and the bowl of fruit. Interesting plants. I'll definately be planting more than 6 in the future! I want JAM! MAN!

clare eats

Thanks so much!!! mmmm jam


So there'll be pictures soon?


Yep, pictures! Mills found the camera and brought it over yesterday. Same problem as with your camera though, won't fact with my 'puter =o( I don't know if Mills will post or if she'll send me the pics to post. Right now I've got a ton of material to put out so maybe she will do it. I ended up doing a "bisquick" cobbler. Just mixed in some milk, sugar, touch of cinnamon and vanilla. Spread over the fruit and bake. It's "adequate" Interesting flavor to the fruit. I will in future ad a touch of lemon...

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