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Wednesday, 22 June 2005



hmmm... you can count on eggs in my fridge. The rest of my "main" food supply is outside my front door. Yesterday I did leftover steak "stew" with tomatoes, onions, carrots, basil, and green beans all from my garden. I always have different kinds of rice. Tofu isn't used much in the Euro kitchen but I happen to have a couple packages of it in the fridge right now. BUTTER! OH yea, that's it, I AWLAYS have butter! ::giggling:: Ya never know when your gonna have to put out an emergency baklava or two!


Jo - Emergency Baklava? I really don't want you breaking into your emergency stock of phyllo! As for rice - it almost never makes it to the frig, if it does, it's gone in no time! LOL! As for Reid, I'm pretty sure he always has Natto in his frig, of course it's been there for 4 years,,,hahaha....


OH YUCK! From what I've heard of the stuff, Natto would move out to a new location after a mere 2 years! Oooo Reid! Yummy yummy Natto! ;o)


Jo - Actually I think Reid wants you to send him Natto Baklava! Seriously, Natto was a staple in our household, and I truly believe that the Natto that I've had nowadays doesn't smell nearly as bad as it was when I was growing up. Here's a funny story; a few years back I was having lunch at one of those Robata sushi places and here come two natto nigiri - now my friend who has no idea what the heck this was, grabbed it! Well, I told him that he probably would not like this, and explained what Natto was; but at that point it became a macho, "I can eat anything issue" - so I said "ok, go ahead", well he put the entire nigiri in his mouth, and his bite reflex shut down - he couldn't chew, beads of perspiration beaded up on his forehead, and a drop of sweat rolled down the side of his face. Finally, he inhaled and "gulp", swallowed the darn thing whole....... :) I'm just glad now that I can choose my own food, I don't have to eat Natto any more!


Gosh! ROTFL This happened with a grown man huh? ::laughing more and hollering at hubby to come hear the story:: Ya know, I feel for that guy. On the other hand, I also know that I've got to get Mike to check this stuff out. My husband eats everything.

To prove my point, the family owns mineral rights to some property just outside of Boise. There are no longer any rattlesnakes in the immediate area. He ate them... They've owned this for quite some time now and are all over the property on a regular basis... No rattlers. There's a litany of other bone chilling meals he's had as well. I won't go there cause we just came home from Denny's...

Just for kicks, here's a website to check out. I can't wait to hear what you think of it!


Jo - Well let's put it this way...when I talk to people about Natto, most talk about it's health benefits...sound familiar??? Can you say Castor Oil!!!! I've come to understand when the best thing you can say about a food product is the health benefits, instantly, my taste radar goes up...BTW Natto isn't really that bad. But this comes from a kid who used to eat tamago-meshi......


tamago meshi? ::makes an attempt to think:: Isn't tamago a plain egg omlette? Ok, I'll bite, as long as it isn't as gross as balut...


Hi Kirk,

Natto..yuck! I haven't eaten it since I was young, but I must agree with you on the smell being much worse before. I'm tempted to try it again, just to see if my taste for it has changed any. Any particular brand that you recommend?


Oh, by the by, Mike has inherited a batch of small vials which contain Gensing with Royal Jelly and someother sort of Gensing extract. Any idea what these are for? Again, health stuff so I'm reluctant to pop the top and drink it down. However, Mike seems to think that anything with Gensing will be good for his libido so wants to suck down all the vial simultaneously. I've told him it might give him a heart attack so that has kept him at bay, for the moment at least... ;o)

So Reid, should I put some natto in your baklava? I'll have to figure out what aisle it's in at the Golden Pheonix.


Jo - Tamago-meshi is simply this; get a bowl of really hot rice, crack an egg on it, add some shoyu and green onions and mix! The heat will cook the eggs (sort of) and you shovel. I haven't eaten this in years - probably due to the possible health risks associated with raw (semi-raw) eggs - but everytime I have eaten it; it takes me back to visiting my Grandparents on Maui waaaaay back to my youth.

Reid - There are a few Japanese brands that are ok, but most people still like the one made by Hawaii Tofu - though I think it's still the stinkiest. BTW if you come here i'll take to eat Cho' Dofu (smelly tofu)...

Jo - Yes, one of the so-called health benefits is that "It Make You Strong" ;) But I think that ginseng is used as an overall health tonic - but I'm not a expert, so.....


HA! "It make you strong" huh? ::runs and dumps ALL those little vials in a hidden drawer:: whew... "Him strong enough thank you VERY much!"

Ya know, I think my dad & I came across "smelly tofu" once years and years ago. It looked like it had been deep fried. We notice the smell as soon as we opened the package but figured that would go away with cooking. So we popped it in the oven... umm... ::eyes watering with recollection:: the smell did not go away and the taste was EXACTLY the same as the smell... ::shudders::

Adventuresome my Daddy is!

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