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Friday, 17 June 2005



THE CHEESE! You forgot the cheese! That wonderful, delectable, perfection personafied cheese! ::laughing::

My folks were divorced when I was 2. This pizza was a staple at my dad's house. He picked me up from my mom's every Friday after he got off work and brought me home on Monday mornings. There were several "standard" meals and this was one of them. Everything we did was very ritualized. He would pour the dough mix into a bowl, then using a fork make a well. I would pour a tiny bit of water into the well and he would stir it in. I did the water, he did the stirring. Finally it was done and set aside to "rest". Happy Father's Day Daddy!

One of my favorite meals? Halloway House Stuffed Bell Peppers...


Great Geez Louise, Da' Cheeez - You're right Jo I did forget the cheese - I'm trying to remember if it was by accident, or a mental block.

"I ate fiberglass insulation. It wasn't cotton candy like the guy said... my tummy itches." - Brick Tamland....


Hi Kirk,

LOL! You and Jo are complete nuts! =P

Now, to be very honest with you all, I never had this before. It's looks like it would be fun, and I'm thinking of buying some just for laughs, although I don't think I could possibly last through 12 portions of pizza. hehe


Reid - Wait a minute I'm nuts??? You're the one thinking about buying this stuff - and I'm nuts??? It's just a walk down nostalgia land.....but to tell you the truth, it has an odd attraction - sort of like Jiffy Pop!


Hi Kirk,

Yeah, I am crazy aren't I? LOL! hehe


High Five on that Kirk! Reid, you really do need to try it at least once. I don't think I would buy an entire case though. ahhh... HERE ya go!

You can buy 6 "units" for a mere $12.50. Assuming the tax, shipping, & stuff don't go over $16.50, that's cheaper than Amazon! Chef Boyardee made the exact same thing (you really couldn't tell one from the other). They still make pizza kits but it looks like it may be different (more modernized) from the Appian Way.

Another thing, my dad would S T R E T C H the dough onto a jellyroll/cookie sheet. The resulting crust was super thin and very crispy. As a kid, I liked it. But then again I ate eggs baked in stewed tomatoes with brown n' serve rolls... Another of Daddy's specialties!

By the way Kirk, I'm pretty sure it was a mental block ::winking::

kim mcconnaughey

thank you thank you, i finally found it again!!!!! my parents used to make appian way pizzas every friday night. now that they have passed, i miss that good pizza. now i can feed it to my kids & grandbabys so they know what real pizza should taste like.


Hi Kim - Welcome and thanks for commenting. I'm glad to be of some service - hope you enjoy!


I miss this stuff. It was always a special occasion as a kid when my mom would make mini individual AW pizzas. I remember them as being really good for home-made.

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