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Saturday, 04 June 2005



Hi Kirk,

YIKES! $10.95 for fried rice? And it wasn't even good. *sheesh* When you come home, I'll definitely take you to some of my favorite Thai places.


Reid - Thanks for stopping by again! Yes, this was a bit of a disappointment - but that's the way it goes...


I went there and those dishes mentioned above were a twist with good taste and culinary talent it was cooked pretty well and had a great taste!


Hi Sackda - Welsome and thanks for commenting. So you went to Thai Grill just to check out the dishes I ate? I'm flattered.....though I have no idea what you mean by a "twist", other than perhaps having only a few basil leaves in a dish named Rice Noodles with Hot Basil. I'm glad you enjoyed your meal though. So let's see..... perhaps..... just maybe, I should check it out again, though I'm afraid how expensive that fried rice will be now.


Hey, I would like to thank you for trying out The Thai Grill. Im the owner's daughter. Your review on the
dishes really does help us try to improve ourselves. Now that we have a new chef it would be great if you check us out again. I swear we improved and no we did not jack up the prices. =] thanks again.

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