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Thursday, 02 June 2005




Love to read your food blogs. I was laughing so loud when I read the part about the fried pork rectum. As a Chinese girl from Dalian, I have the same kind of cravings. It
is an acquired taste, you are right about that. I don't think I can make my kids or my hubby to try that. But then again, not everyone
who can be eclectic when come to food choices.

There is no Shanghai City in South Bay, a regrettable fact that I had found out five years ago. I even called them at one time to ask them if they may open another branch in L.A., you can see how much I dig their dishes.

About the Korean operating Shandong
style eateries, there is a history associated with it. At one point in last century, an exodus took place when many people from Shandong moved to Korea in search for new or better life, so I was told. Being part of Shandong origin, (my late father was from Shandong), I was very curious in any history related to my ancestor.

Anyway, I wish you happy food hunting!



Hi Zhen - Welcome and thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you're able to enjoy our blog, I have fun doing these posts. We lived in the Rowland Heights area for a few years, and still do miss all the good food. Thanks again for visiting!


The best dish hands down at Noble Chef is their Turnip Cake with Fried Egg. And also, there were many Chiu Chow in Vietnam that moved to the US around the 70's and 80's. My family being amongst that group, as well as the owners of Noble Chef.


XO Sauce is a dried chili and garlic sauce with the addition of dried scallop (or perhaps shrimp). Don't know the reason for the name - perhaps there's a connection with cognac ;)?


Hi Vi - The Missus enjoys the Turnip Cake, I'm really not too impressed with it.

Hi Ed - The phrase "the addition of dried scallop (or perhaps shrimp)"(I've even heard dried fish) sums it up. No one REALLY knows what's in XO sauce, and each is different - I've read and been told the 'XO' is a marketing ploy that's been attributed to Fook Lam Moon Seafood House in Kowloon.

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