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Saturday, 11 June 2005



Hi Kirk,

I think we have something like this here, but I'm not too sure as it's a small event when compared to stuff like the Okinawan Festival and the Korean Festival.

I like Greek food and I'm going to try and visit more Greek restaurants soon.

BTW...this food looks pretty good and it seems like the prices were right.

I also tagged you for this meme that is currently making the rounds. Looking forward to what you have to say!


Reid - I think I remember there being a Greek festival back home. One thing that made me laugh is the picture of the one guy grilling, with the three guys leaning of the fence - reminds me of home for some reason - wink-wink.....


Hi Kirk,

Are you trying to say something about our police officers? hehe!


Reid - No way am I gonna 'diss Honolulu's Finest :)


OooOoo, you best not dis da HPD! My brudda-in-law is one of 'em! ::smug grin:: Oh man Kirk! THE FOOD LOOKS GREAT! Except for the lamb ::crinkles nose:: I HATE lamb. Mikey likes it though! The kids like it also. I don't mind ground lamb, I use it in meatloaf, mousakka, sometimes meatballs.

OH MY GOSH AT THE PASTRIES!! When I lived in Lomita, one of my friends Dad was Greek. Sometimes his GrandMa would come for a visit and she would make all those awesome cookies, turkish paste, and on and on. I would have given my arms and legs to follow that woman around! ::happy sigh:: Well, we now know who has cornered the baklava market. I have to move on to other things. I'm going to try some of the recipies on this page:

The very first item might be tomorrow. ::slurp::


Jo - Well you haven't tasted my lamb, that doesn't taste like lamb - an utter failure....but everyone served with a sandwich thought it was really good -until I told them it was lamb!!! A failure because it should've tasted like lamb, but didn't.....Go figure!!!! LOL
I'll post the recipe soon - though I don't know who wants to eat lamb that doensn't taste like lamb....


When we lived in San Diego we never missed the Greek Festival. What a great time!


Hi Michelle - Thanks for taking time to stop by. This is a really fun and delicious festival. And it seems to get better every year.


Hi Kirk. The festival is this coming weekend. All your wonderful pics of last year's festival made me really want to go this year. Hope to see you there!


Hi JP - We'll be there. I feel that this is one of the most well organized festivals in San Diego.


Hello! I've been having a ball reading my first "food blog" -- yours! =) What fun and what a wonderful job you're doing of filling us in on where to go and what to eat... Thanks!!!

Question: I adore gyros, absolutely love them, but am VERY allergic to MSG and have for the most part written them off for the fear of meeting that dreaded spice. Do you know if there's a place -- or a recipe -- for gyros WITHOUT the msg? I'd be most grateful for your response.

Thanks again for a lovely hour of reading. My taste buds are simply trembling with the anticipation of something yummy... You write deliciously!



Hi Debbie - Thanks for dropping by, and the kind words. You know, I've never tried to make "gyros meat", so I'm unable to help you. I do know that many places get the meat from the same manufacturer - Kronos, so you may want to ask if they make their own meat, or get it from a vendor; it may make a difference.

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