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Sunday, 26 June 2005



Awww KIRK! They are SO CUTE! I love the wee little sweaters! Go read your email!


Your roast looks awesome! *droooling*

Cute doggies too!!! aaaaaawww...look at their sweaters!


Jo - Yeah the boyz are two spoiled little brats, but they add alot of joy to our lives - they even put up with "the embarassing" sweaters once in a while!

Elmo - Thanks, the roast actually came out well, and it was soooo easy! Just have to find a good butcher! Funny, but a 2/1/2lb roast dosen't really go very far....


Doesn't go far huh? I'd be surprised if it got more than 20' from the cutting board! ::laughing:: If I knew I could get it to you in 24 hours, I'd send you some ham & bacon from Dittmer's. They have the best. They also have elk, venison, ostrich, and other sorts of animal. Now that's what I call a butcher shop! Not to mention their sausage selection!


Kirk! OMG, your "boyz" are sooooo cute!!!

Your roast looks damn good. Amen on the leftovers on a sammich with your 'shrooms, caramelized onions and arugula! An awesome combination.


Jo - Actually it's more like 20" from the cutting board to my mouth!

Pam - Just had the last of the beef tonight. And yes, it was really good!


Hi Kirk,

Wow that looks like a huge 2 1/2 lb tenderloin there. I haven't eaten meat like this in ages. I guess it's because I don't really have anyone to cook for other than myself.

The boyz, they look spoiled...but so cute! Lucky dogs! =P


Reid - I was really surprised at how fast this went - I used all the beef up on sandwiches! I had planned a coupla beef salads - and maybe even a stir fry - but ran out! It really didn't go very far!

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