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Wednesday, 15 June 2005



Hi Kirk,

The ten don looks quite good IMHO, but have you tried the ten don at Yamagen? If you haven't you really must. It's probably my favorite place to eat ten don at.

The meatloaf does look like hamburger steak...shame!

As for the chicken katsu curry, we all know that it's supposed to be sweet, but I'm like you, I don't really care for too sweet.


Reid - I like Japanese Curry, but this one was much too sweet. Back home there are alot more choices when it comes to Japanese food, here, not so many. I'll add Yamagen to my list - Thanks!


Fascinating...thanks for the review...This type of Japanese restaurant, which serves traditional fare with Italian and French touches, seems to be growing...or at least I'm hearing more about it now.

The worst of it's kind in the L.A. area is Curry House...while the best (IMHO) has become my favorite restaurant of all (I won't plug them again, since I've done it far too often).


Elmo - Hmmmm, Cafe Hiro perhaps (plug, plug, plug...)?


LOL! See, I knew I've plugged them enough for you to know immediately what I was talking about!


Elmo - When find a good thing plug away!! the downside of course, is when the place gets sooooo crowded you can't get in! LOL

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