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Friday, 24 June 2005



Geez Kirk, how bad can it get! Thank goodness there were some saving graces to your soup, the price sure as heck wasn't one of them! I have to wonder sometimes where the cook comes from why they are cooking and what makes them think their product is worthy of being eaten!

My dad worked for a time in San Diego. He kept an apartment there that he stayed in during the week. I went down a couple times and as I recall, there wasn't a whole lot worth eating back then either. There was one restaurant; however, that was great. A steakhouse called "The Butcher Shop". I just GOOGLEd it, looks like it's still there. I haven't seen it since I was... oh gads, 17? thats what... 29 years ago? Give or take a few months?? ::heavy sigh:: ANYway, instead of a menu they brought a gigantic tray of raw beef. You picked a piece, and they brought it back cooked. mmm... Sounds good right about now too...

Which reminds me, when you and Reid get here for our world tour, we have to go to "The House of Prime Rib". This place ... oh my goodness ... they know their beef, let me tell you. I've gone maybe half a dozen times over the past... (here we go again) 30 years. It's exceptional each and every time. By the way, I've been to Ruth's Chris, just a few blocks away. They ain't got nuthin on The House especially when you look at the bill! Oh, one more thing, they may be "high falutin fancy", but when we went there with our little guys about a year ago, they treated them like they owned the restaurant. There were 2 couples at the table across from us and when they finished their meal they came over to compliment the boys. I was rather shocked because they gave me the impression of being "above" noticing little boys. I was tickled pink, let me tell you!


Jo - Yes, I've passed by the Butcher Shop many times, but have never eaten there. BTW I've been to the House of Prime Rib on Van Ness, and I think there was another one called Harris??? - I think I ate something called the King somethin' or other cut at Da' House.. was like 30+/- was very good! Oh yes, I love prime rib - rare.....


Well, ::smiles brightly:: maybe you can put The Shop on your list of places to go? Pleasssse? I would love to know if it is still as good as it was.

hmmm... Actually, I suppose I should add a caveat here. The last time I was there I was a teenager with still developing taste buds and opinions. On the other hand, "Da House" (I like that!) has been visited within the same span and yes, it's still as good now as it was WAY back then.

You would have had the King Henry VIII ($32.45) which is described as "Extra-generous, thick cut of prime beef, for king-size appetites." oooOooOo Kirk! Now that's the kind of appetite women adore cooking for! Actually, I think that is what Mike got when we went. mmm.. I'm beggining to jones all of a sudden...


Jo - OK The Butcher Shop is on my list.....suddenly I've got a major prime rib jones as well!


Well good for you! ::pout:: You can do something about it! We have to sell honey to afford our trip to the city. Bad thing is that it's so cold, the bees are just kicking back in their Barka Lounges and crocheting! Up side? We should be bottling last years blackberry melomel within the next few days in anticipation of a new batch. I'm hoping it taste awesome but, with honey wines, that is seldom the case after a mere year. Still something to look forward to!

Hmmm... wonder if the folks at "Da House" would take a gallon or 2 in trade?


Hi Kirk,

$9.00! YIKES! I would never pay $9.00 for a bowl of won ton mein. Too bad this was another disappointment. Perhaps you need to make this at home huh?


Reid - Yea well I "just needed to get a bowl" and was told that this place was good - well this is one way to "quench a craving"....


"Quench"? More like "douse"! You're just one desperate stop away from being a quest! Several months ago Mike had a hankering for fried chicken and I wasn't about to do fried chicken that particular night. We cogitated a couple places that might serve it and neither did. We ended up turning it into a family adventure and drove around for about an hour before finding a place. Turned out to be "Holder's Country Inn". That's one of our regular haunts now and I'll be posting on it soon. This is also one of those places we'll have to take you to if you are ever this way. Best diner food in the Bay Area!

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