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Sunday, 19 June 2005



WoW. These are art pieces. I keep wanting to think they are cake! You can't imagine how shocked I am everytime I bite into one of these things and they are NOT cake! I'm starting to get over this. Not easy though. I gotta snag up Mills and go to JapanTown for some local manju...

Say, I had a thought the other day... (no cracks about the burnt rubber smell!) What if you made sweet red bean paste and put it into a tamale? How do you acquire red bean paste? Do you make it yourself or do you purchase pre-made?

I think that would be a real fusion cuisine coup!


Jo - I know that you can get the red bean paste already made and canned! But there's a Star Bulletin article on 'An'

Good luck on 'An Tamale' sounds yummy - make sure I get a (few) samples!


Cool! Thanks Kirk! Are the beans are themselves sweet? I'm going to have to look into this but it may be awhile because I have to turn my attentions away from writing for a bit. I'm taking a RE class and will be taking a class a quarter in the hopes of becoming licensed. I'm also neglecting some other things that require my attention. I'm going to be trying to send Reid some baklava if he thinks it will hold up to the heat and if priority mail can get it there within 3 days. If I can send him some, I can send you some as well if you are interested. I'll have to put some Sabszmagoresh and other Persian herbs in his box so he can give Middle Eastern cuisine a shot.


Wow. This is cool.
Thanks, Kirk.
I've always bought my manju and mochi at Nijiya since driving to LA was quite a bit farther.

I'm going to Chula this weekend.
Those look so good.


Hi Didi - Thanks for visiting! I think Hogetsu does a good job - fresh manju is so much better then packaged. Good luck, and I hope you enjoy them.

Jennifer Janes

Hi Kirk
I just visited Hogetsu for the first time about an hour ago and am in heaven. Many mahalos for the information. I am wondering if you know the actual Japanese name for "manju" of the sort that can be bought in Hawaii Longs Drugs stores. You know the ones with the flaky crust and bean filling? They come in the goofy clear plastic containers, about 6 manjus. My family has always called these simply "manju" but the Very Nice Lady at Hogestu didn't know what I was asking for.
Hope you can help!
Thanks again,


Hi Jennifer - Thanks for stopping by and taking the time out to comment. The Lady at Hogetsu is very nice isn't She? As for "Baked" manju, I don't know what the Japanese name for it is. We always used to call it baked manju or crispy manju, like what Home Maid Bakery makes. My Mom was from Maui, so I know exactly what you're talking about. I think it's more of a Hawaii thing - I've seen them at Marukai in Gardena once in a great while. I'm glad that some of the info from my post was of use to You.


Hi Kirk, thanks again for the gem. I went and went wild. They were so good, in fact, that my friends and I finished the little amount that we bought in the car and went back to buy more to share with our friends (that was the plan, anyway).



Hi Didi - I'm glad you enjoyed yourself - fresh manju is a wonderful thing.


Hi Kirk,

I remember this place when I was really young - I also remember the small Japanese store that was there. Hiro Shoten, I think it was? Anywho, I don't think I really appreciated the Japanese sweets back then, and it's a shame because I love them now. Would you happen to know if they do sakura-mochi or kashiwa-mochi? Most of my folks are in CV now, so I'll probably make a run to Hogetsu the next time I'm down there. Heh, mochi-less in SB...


Hi Ed - I'm sure you'll enjoy Hogetsu. I'm trying to remember, I'm pretty sure they have Sakura Mochi, I don't recall seeing Kashiwa Mochi...


I just read a fun blog by ex-pat kamaaina who live in Japan called "Our Adventures in Japan"
where they visit a sweet shop and have krispy manju, called "sakusaku anpan". Sakusaku is the onomatoepoetic sound for crispiness.


Hi Lei-ko - thanks for the link. Nice blog!


My friends and I finally got around to going to Hogetsu Bakery yesterday, months after finding out about the place through your blog and procrastinating like dorks.

Their mochi is AWESOME. Chula Vista isn't exactly the heart of San Diego but much easier to get to than Los Angeles. Thanks so much for posting about this place.

My favorite there is the extra-tender green tea-infused mochi (no filling) dusted with soy(?) powder.


Hi Rin - Hogetsu is a real gem....when I bought a few boxes for gifts this past New Year, I was told that the newfangled Chocolate Mochi was a hit!


This past Saturday was my 3rd time experiencing Hogetsu's treats. I'm in awe of their fresh mochi. I have yet to try something better. It beats out Shuei-do which I visit everytime I'm up in the Bay Area.


Hi Liz - I think Hogetsu is a treasure......nothing like fresh manju.

Junichi Hiraiwa

Hogetsu owners are retiring. They sold the place to Izakaya Naruto. Will become their prep kitchen. Another San Diego institution gone for good.


Wow Junichi! Though I'm not too surprised; they've been talking about retiring for years.


I thought I had heard that the new owners were taking over and still making the manju etc? Is that not the case? :-(

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