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Monday, 20 June 2005



Hey Kirk,

Thanks for going out of your way to blog about this. I had several parties at Farrell's long ago, and besides the food, the party always ended with the "Zoo" sundae being delivered. I remember always picking out the plastic animals, then digging into all of the ice cream in that huge bowl.

Maybe if/when I'm in the area, we can visit Farrell's and order the Zoo or the Volcano. =) I'd love to see those people run up and down the aisles carrying that thing on their shoulders for a couple of grown men. haha! Wouldn't that be funny.

BTW...did you know that if it's your birthday you get a free sundae?

Another point of note: Robert Farrell, now does customer service training and motivational speaking. Our company gave training to some of our associates using his video. Here's a link to the site if you're interested.


Reid - No problemo! Was actually kinda fun - we'd never really spent much time in Mira Mesa - so have found a few places to explore.
So let's see, it's Bronx, Farrell's, and Ba Ren for your visit? :)


Hey, what about Ensenada and lobster? I'll never forget being about 10 years old and my folks DRIVING to Ensenada for Easter vacation. No air conditioning... a zillion miles of desert... ::sigh:: those were the good ol' days. Ummm, can I come for the Zoo / Volcano? I was never allowed to aspire to such things...


Jo - We'll gladly include you in a "zoo-fest" - or even a Pig's Trough. Actually, there's a sign in Farrell's that says -
"Where Your Grandmother Had Her First Pig's Trough".....

joy stonex

Do you know if Farrell's or the Original Ice Cream Parlour is still open in Portland Oregon? I tried calling and couldn't find a curren phone number.

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