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Tuesday, 28 June 2005



That banh mi looks tasty indeed!


Hi Kirk,

I love banh mi. My favorite thus far is Ba-Le and the lemongrass chicken banh mi. It's so delicious and I like the fact that you can either have it on a French roll or on a croissant. mmmm. Maybe I should have one tonight. Still at work! =(


Elmo - Yes, it was pretty tastey....

Reid - Can't beat the price of Banh Mi, this was the best I've had since moving to San Diego.


They actually do have a menu with other items besides sandwiches now. While café Doré has a great banh mi, I'm with Reid in that Ba-Le is my favorite. Didn't know there was a lemongrass chicken variant. I will go today and check it out.


Hi Len - I think that version is only available in Hawaii, I haven't seen it in San Diego. Bale is good, but is kinda gringo-ized, at least the Linda Vista location is..... There's an updated post on Cafe Dore coming up. BTW, give Saigon Sandwiches and Deli next door a shot.

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