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Sunday, 05 June 2005



THere ya go! Spam spam Spam spam! Actually, there is a little song about Spam. If I ever figure out how to record with this marvelous machine, I'll have to sing & send. You might need hearing aids afterwards, but hey, it's a Spam Song! ::wink::

I guess the Teri Chicken folks haven't heard about brining yet. I'm catching on to that little technique. I did a slow roasted chicken a couple weeks ago. About 3 hours at 300 degrees. I basted it with a bottled American style barbecue sauce a couple times during the last half hour. Oh my goodness! It was outstanding! Even the breasts were nice and juicy! I have to agree with you regarding the dryness of the breast meat. I never realized it was different in other places though.

Give the brine trick a shot some time. It's pretty quick & easy. I take a large bowl, fill it with cold water, throw in some kosher salt, sugar, bruised garlic, onion, whatever herbs catch my fancy, toss in the chicken (typically I cut it in half) and then I put it in the fridge to do it's thing. I try to give it at least half an hour but it's much nicer when I'm organized enough to let it soak all day. Also, when you use this technique, DON'T salt the chicken again! Boy did I learn that little lesson the hard way! ::laughing:: My mouth got salt puckered so bad I needed a crowbar for dessert!


Actually, if I grill and don't use a marinade I usually brine chicken - 2 parts sea salt to one part sugar.... even works great for prepping the chicken breast for chicken katsu! Jo, you know that SPAM! is one of the major food groups, right?


One of the major food groups? Nope, I think you're wrong there Kirk my friend. SPAM IS the MAIN food group! The only thing that is even close is the dessert group! ::giggle::

mmm Katsu... I like pork myself, I love chicken but have problems digesting it. I'd love to know how to make it!


Hi Kirk,

Obon season is here!


Reid - Yes it is!!!!

Joyce Teague

Hey, guys, we are doing it again! The 2006 JAPANESE CULTURAL BAZAAR at the Buddhist Temple of San Diego means a variety of ethnic food including sushi, beef curry, chicken teriyaki, kintoki and other goodies served up 11 am to 5 pm. Our Cantonese-style chow mein with pan-fried noodles and Angie's Japanese-Mexican tacos are the bazaar's erennial faves.

Come check out the all-day Japanese music, dance, cultural demonstrations and exhibits like taiko, koto, ikebana, tea ceremony, bonsai, martial arts, choral singing and an anime workshop. It's free. Plus fresh produce, flowers, plants, bakery, Buddhist bookstore, crafts, silent auction, raffle, bingo, door prizes and games and crafts for the kids. Fun for the family. Call 619/239-0876 for more info.

Joyce Teague

Okay, so I don't get hassled for posting about the Buddhist Temple's bazaar, I want to recommend a new joint in Pacific Beach called Wasabi Sushi. Took the Dadster there about a month ago for lunch and we chowed down on some faves like saba, unagi, toro and hamachi. The big pieces of sashimi were impressive. A nice thing we didn't know about beforehand was the 50% off certain kinds of sushi, so our meal was very reasonable, especially considering the generous portions. Service was friendly, too.

This place used to be called Dragon Buffet and was a reliable joint to get a quick and inexpensive lunch whenever I took Dad to visit nearby Kaiser. Wasabi Sushi really updated the interior nicely and we enjoyed hangin at the comfortable sushi bar. Sushi Ota is just up the street, but we thought this is a very good alternative during lunch hour when Sushi Ota is very crowded and finding parking is a chore. Ciao and chow.


Hi Joyce - Ok, I'll give you a "pass" this time. :o) I've passed Wasabi Sushi a few times, but for some reason I'm always hesitant about plcaes that advertise 50% off sushi. But thanks to your rec' I may just try them out. Also, I think I may need to work out somekind of festival "calendar" or something of the sort.

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