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Friday, 17 June 2005



Hi Kirk,

The pizza here looks good. I used to always fold my pizza before eating it. It's easier to eat because the grease won't drip all over. LOL!

Next stop for me will be Antonio's...I like the white pizza there (made without sauce).


Reid - First let me tell you I always appreciate the fact you (and Jo - but don't tell her I think she'll get a "Big Head") drop by. If you ever come to SD this is a must eat! Really good stuff! Never had thin crust like this.


Hi Kirk,

Aww. You don't have to be appreciative of anything. You're doing a wonderful job here and besides, ohana right?

Anyway, years ago, before I moved back to Hawaii in '95, I thought of moving to San Diego. I also considered a move back in '99 as well. A friend used to live in Chula Vista and work for Customs at the border. We used to walk over to TJ to eat, then walk back. This was all before 911 of course. I also remember Sammy's. Is that place still around?


Reid - Sammy's Woodfired Pizaa is an institution here in San Diego - I've even seen one of them in Vegas. Sami Ladeki's Company also owns and runs several really popular upscale restaurants here in SD(Roppongi & Fresh). Filippi's is the other pizza "chain" that's an institution here as well.


Bronx isn't bad, but they have been completely overshadowed by Lefty's in North Park. Better dough, better cheese, better sauce - far and away the best slices in San Diego. Their other food is great too, including their house-roasted Italian beef.


Hi JS - You are Jonathan, right! Welcome, and thanks for posting. I went to Lefty's when they first opened; before the blogging thing and thought they were good - but you're not going to get me into this Chicago vs. New York pizza thing, are you? BTW, I've gotten Emails telling me to do Gotham and Luigi's as well!


I'm sorry I meant Joshua, as in Silberman....


Yes, that is me. I'm not doing a Chicago vs. New York thing at all. In fact, until I ate at Lefty's I did not much care for Chicago-style pizza (at least, the San Diego version of it). I found it way too bready, and lacking in sauce and cheese. I took a Chicago-native to Lefty's, and he actually felt the pizza wan't authentically Chicagoan because of it's thinner crust.

I like Bronx, it used to be my favorite. I'd put it now as second best.

Do you mean Luigi's in Mission Beach? I've had some killer calzones there.


Hi JS - Pizzeria Luigi's is on 25th street - in the Golden Hill area right across from the turf club. Another person sent me an Email recommending Gotham City Pizza in the South Park area - I don't know; I like pizza, but not so much that I'd go out of my way for it! Somebody oughta do like some big comparison...


Pizzeria Luigi's in Golden Hill is so much better than Bronx. The pie at Luigi's is more consistant. When you bite into the crust, there is a nice crunch then bread. Seems every other time I go to Bronx there is a burnt flavor (from not cleaning the flour from the oven) and the crust has the taste and texture of a saltine cracker. I recommend trying the Spinach/Ricotta slice with a little garlic sprinkled on top. Luigi's is NY style pizzia without the attitude.


Hi Rob - Thanks for stopping by! I've got to make an effort to drop by Luigi's and Gotham city as well. Thanks for the comments, I appreciate it.


Another vote for Pizzeria Luigi in GH. Its great pizza and a real neighborhood feel. Rob is right on target - the spinach & ricotta is fantastic.

They have a website now:


Hi ChrisN - As you can tell, we don't eat pizza very often....but my list of pizza places is growing! Thanks for the recommendation.


I found your site while searching for Gotham City's phone number online. I live in Golden Hill and I am voting for Gotham City. They are a lot nicer than Luigi's, much faster and their slices are NEVER soggy. Every other slice from Luigi's is soggy. Plus, I've gotten lots of attitude at Luigi's in recent months... and not in the good attitude way of Bronx. However, both are better than Bronx.

Thanks for letting me vote


Hi SH - Thank you for taking the time out to comment, I appreciate it. We really don't eat much pizza, but because of your and Howie's rec's we'll make sure to get to Gotham soon.


Hi Kirk - just wanted you and your readers to know that Gotham City Pizza is only 3 blocks from Luigi's on 28th and A in GH and they serve more than pizza. They have Killer Cheesesteaks and other H&C subs, pastas and salads to name some of the items on the menu.


Hi Carrie - We'll make sure to drop by your restaurant soon - I promise!


Here is a new one to try in case you want some authentic Sicilian pizza....try "The Sicilian Thing" in North Park, been a couple times now, ordered one whole pie and had enough for 4 days of leftovers. This is the real deal, light crust, square great sauce, nice!

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