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Wednesday, 29 June 2005



Interesting that the coffee shop did a more refined banh mi than Ba Le.

You are a true banh mi connoisseur, Kirk! I have never noticed whether my banh mi joints includes the cilantro stems/stalks. I think this calls for a banh mi run for lunch to investigate!


Hey Elmo - Thanks for stopping by - Thanks for the compliment, but "me no Banh Mi connoisseur", especially compared to Prof Salt:

The reason that I noticed the cilantro is that those stalks are really tough, and you can't really bite through them! They also get stuck between your teeth - and I already floss, thank-you-very-much! Nothing worse than walking into a meeting and having a stalk of cilantro hanging out of your mouth!


::snickers at the mental photo created:: Well, I have to do some research I suppose. I've never even heard of banh mi until I saw it blogged here. Guess that goes on a priority list along with all the other mental lists I have!


Jo - Banh Mi is simply a Vietnamese Sandwich, and has kind of developed quite a following. A real bargain at between $2-$3. Very tasty at it's best....


Much to my surprise we are apparently Viet-cheated up here. We have all kinds of other Viet eats, but I wasn't able to locate Banh-Mi within 15 miles of us... If I wait patiently, will it come?


Jo - Are you close to SJSU? There's the ultimate Banh Mi chain - Lee's up in San Jose.


ahHA! I thought there was but I couldn't find the link for love nor money. Found a dozen different blogs on it, but no direct link! I'm not sure exactly how far we are, it's sort of between us and Japantown. So if I can get Mike to Japantown, I KNOW he'll go for this. He loves Vietnamese food!


Hi Jo - Remember I expect a report if you go to Lee's...


Hey Kirk,

I totally missed this one. You're so lucky that you can get good banh mi so cheap. I think the cheapest here is maybe $3.50?

When I eat banh me here, I only get one tiny sprig of Chinese parsley. I always feel like they should give more. Looks like you got quite a bit in yours...


Hey Reid - Well I pay $1.00 more for plate lunches - you pay $.75 more for Banh Mi - look like that makes us even :). What I don't like is when they put all the stems of cilantro in the sandwich.


This thing doesn't remember me anymore! }ahem{ Reid, Want me to mail you some Chinese parsley? ::grinning:: I've got tons of it fresh in my garden!

Never fear Kirk, I will let you know about Lee's. I don't think it will happen this week though. I probably won't get any posting done this week. Homework, a group outing to a fortune cookie factory, laundry, dirty kitchen... I'm in over my head here!

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