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Monday, 06 June 2005



Hi Laura - I think Ba Ren now closes from about 230-3pm until 5pm or so. They were also closed after the long New Year holiday weekend. I have been met with locked doors twice when trying to pick up take out at about 5pm. But usually there's someone there. I usually check to see if there are cars in the back parking lot.


Thanks, Kirk! I was totally craving it again for take-out after only one visit (cold spicy noodles, double cooked fish and the stir fry dried beef)!!

I'll try again tonight!


As good as ever tonight. But note that they have revised the menu (and have one available for takeout) and many of the numbers have changed.


Hi Laura - Yes, they changed printers last year, and revamped the menu, adding in a few items from the "seasonal placards". I've stopped giving "item numbers" and use the descriptions from the menu...except for the Chinese only items on the placards.

Jerry Drotter

Many years ago when I visited China I enjoyed their food. Now that I think about it that was thirty years ago. Yours truly was there on a trade mission. Last year I got lost and turned on Diane Street. I noticed Ba Ren and said to myself why not try this out. To my surprise the food was better than I ate in China. Many years ago I quit eating in Chinese eateries because they were fakes. Ba Ren was fantastic!


Hi Jerry - I;m glad you enjoy Ba Ren, it is one of favorite restaurants in San Diego.

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