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Monday, 30 May 2005



Hey Kirk,

Nice looking steak there. I haven't grilled (or pan fried) any in a LONG time! I've been craving a nice rib eye though, so maybe I'll have to do it this weekend.

Cute dogs you got there! =)


Reid - One of the benefits of the mainland are that good meat markets are available, and in most of them you can get prime. Fish markets are a whole nother story though!


My wife and I plan to try Bay Park Fish Company tommorow night for dinner or Friday for lunch. We have had the same problem finding "American" fish in San Diego. We cook fish from 99 ranch market and love the Chinese Seafood houses on Convoy and we have some great Mexican seafood here in North County, but the Fishery, Point Loma, Pelly's, The Fish House Veracruz, and The Fish Market have all been very ordinary to downright awful. So we have great hopes for Bay Park.

Also, do you have an opinion on the Cajun Magnolia'a or Bud's?

Plus we are always on the lookout for real East Coast Fried Clams.



Victor - Welcome and thanks for posting. Bay Park Fish struck me as more of a neighborhood joint - but the fish being sold in the "cases" looked fresh and I've purchased fish there several times. Please report back on your meal.


Hi Kirk,

I just read your post on the BPFC restaurant and it made we want to go back and re-visit your post on its fish market. Typically getting my sashimi from Nijiya or Mitsuwa, I was wondering if Bay Park is the type of place from where I could score same sashimi grade fish. Where do you usually go?

Keep up the great work.



Hi JP - My choice for good sashimi grade fish is Catalina Offshore:

They are located near Morena Blvd. Really good stuff.


Thanks Kirk. From the website, that looks like it'll hit the spot.


Hi Kirk,

I gratefully stumbled upon your site, looking for images for a graduate project on information theory -- planning a visualization to influence people to shop on the edge aisles for good health, and steer relatively clear of the danger zones in the middle of the market. Are you ok with me using some of your market shots for grad school post only?
>>You've got me hooked on your foodiness -- will be back for fun browsing. thx -~P


Hi Whomever you are - I sent you an email reply. I hope you received it!

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