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Saturday, 28 May 2005



Hi Kirk,

$5.75 seems like a good deal for a sandwich, but it depends on how much it is at Subway. When you come back to Hawaii, you must check out Queen's Deli on Queen and Alakea. The prices are so reasonable and the sandwiches are great. The only problem is the wait. You end up waiting about 30 minutes for your order if you don't call in advance.

When you come back, let me know and I'll take you there for lunch.


Reid - Sounds good! I'll add that to my list along with Spot's Inn! Subway's large sandwich runs over $6 here in San Diego.

Jo Rutherford

Mortabello? What is that?

By the by, I like your blog! DEFINATELY more consistant and interesting than mine!


Jo - Thanks for catching that - it's Mortadella!!! I've fixed it!


Can't agree more!! John and Peter make the best! Big fan of Ruebens my whole life and theirs will have you dreaming/craving your next one!! Their BLT and Triple Decker also fall in that category!! I can't get past them to try anything else which is a shame to be sure because EVERYTHING sounds good (and I'm sure it is!!). I'm surprised that isn't my car in the picture!


Hi Macro - Yes, John and Peter, besides being great guys do a pretty good job with the sandwiches! Regsrding the "car", does that mean you're eating at Sandwich Emporium....or having a brew at Champs? :o)


Hey Kirk, I love your blog. Here are a couple of places you should try if you ever need a sandwich fix:

Philadelphia Sandwich Company (its four doors down from Izakaya Sakura and it has a sign). Go for the cheesesteaks, and don't let them give you provolone. Go for American "cheese" or cheez whiz. The Hoagies are great too.

Solunto's, the best Italian bakery in town, on India Street. Because every good sandwich starts with good bread.


Hi JimT - Thanks for dropping by and commenting. I'll have to give the Philadelphia Sandwich Company another try, I've been there twice, and have been disappointed in the Cheesesteaks, they were very bland. I've never had a sandwich from Solunto's - but have bought bread from will have to check out a sandwich. I usually get something from Grab n Go, Mona Lisa, or Pete's when I'm in the area, but will make sure to remember your recommendation.


Hey Kirk,
John here from Sandwich Emporium. I'm heading to your town in a few weeks, Maui to be exact. Where should I eat? Stop by the shop sometime, want to talk to you about places to visit...maybe I can bring you back some home food!


Yeah, your website is up!!! Me and my boyfriend just love your place. We have been going since last year and have told all of our friends about the great sandwiches there as well as the great customer service. Keep up the great work!!!


Wow..sandwiches are the BEST. My two friends introduced me to the place. I never knew it was there for the longest time. Me and my aunt would look everywhere for a good sandwich place, but we always somehow passed the place up. Now I know it's there and I tell everyone about it. It's soo great. And everyone at CHS makes it their lunch time hop too. Keep up the tasty work!


Hi Sophia - John and Peter do a great job, don't they?


I'm comin down from LA and can't wait to have the BBQ Ranch chicken sandwich!! Absolute best sandwich i ever had.


Hi Mical - That's a heck of a trip for a sandwich!!!

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