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Friday, 27 May 2005



Hi Kirk,

Great job on the blog thus far. I'll be updating my sidebar this weekend (hopefully), so I'll be adding a link to your site. Hopefully this will drive more traffic your way. You may want to also consider having your site listed on food porn watch (e-mail to [email protected].

That said, I miss my visits to little Tokyo. It's been many years (at least 10) since the last time I was there. The sushi here looks good, and the price is definitely reasonable. I'm glad the hamachi was good as it's probably one of my favorites besides maybe uni.


Reid - Thanks for taking time out to read this! Are you still in SF? Man you work hard! We were pleasantly surprised to see all of the building going on around Little Tokyo. We'll be heading to Sushi Gen next road trip.


this slab of meat is ground pork with pork skin in it

almost like a vietnamese version called nam but its pink with a piece of garlic and chill wraped in banana leaves.....


Hi, I recommend Sushi Ota to you. Their Sushi is good, I think one of the best Sushi in San Diego.(Most of my Japanse friends agree with me )You need a reservation otherwise, you have to wait long time outside..

4529 Mission Bay Drive

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