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Sunday, 29 May 2005



Hi Kirk,

Ouch! L&L sure is expensive there huh? I think you can still get a plate for about $5 here. I'll try to blog up a plate of L&Ls soon. We can compare notes. I actually haven't eaten it in a while.

BTW...are you interested in the Honolulu Weekly article on plate lunches? If so, I'll try to scan and e-mail to you. Send me an e-mail if you are.


Reid - Yeah, most plate lunches here are at least $1.00 more expensive than Hi. And most plate lunch places in San Diego except for Da' Kine's are offshoots of L&L, so they have the same pricing structure.


I think by far, the best L&L Hawaiian BBQ is also the one on College Avenue near SDSU in San Diego. My fave BBQ Beef is always moist and tasty--goes extra well with the traditional hawaiian macaroni salad. I just wished that they had an alternate veggie choice aside from the mac salad. I have tried the L&L near the Sports Arena on Rosecrans Ave (San Diego) and I was terribly dissapointed with the meat not marinated enough and lacking the usual (delicious) marinade taste. College Avenue staff are also full of aloha each time I visit..which is quite often since it's near the schools where I go to everyday!


Hi Ethel - I've found that the College location of L&L to be the most consistent as well. But replace macaroni salad...that's heresy! ;o)


Hi Kirk,

Nooooooo, not replace the mac salad! I am a green veggie lover, so I thought another side dish (i.e., blanched spinach) 'aside' from the mac salad. I love the macaroni salad..i usually order my plate with 'all mac' and no rice (I got my rice cooker on at home usually ready for me).


Hi Ethel - Wow, extra mac salad!! I love your idea of making the rice at home, for more mac salad!



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