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Thursday, 26 May 2005



Love China Max too. I had their bacon wrapped shrimp and thought that if I were to die from a heart attack, it was worth it to eat this cholesterol bomb.

You're right though, Emerald is still the best for dim sum in SD.


Hey Elmo - Thanks for your comments. When we ate the Dim Sum at China Max it seemed liked the tastes were much too mild, could be our fault, we had a bunch of other dishes and that could've made the dim sum fade into the background. If you're ever here in SD again - try Ba Ren, I'll write up soon, former chef at Chung King in LA is there.

Susan Lai Hipp

Muchos Mahalos. I'm in San Diego on business, and after 2 weeks, I need some rice already! I've four weeks to go, and you've helped to make them mo' ono!


Hi Susan - thanks for stopping by and commenting. I hope this blog has been of some help. If you have any specific questions/requests please feel free to Email me.

Chris Danielson

I belong to a food club consisting of about 25 members. Last night, we went all out trying a wide assortment of dishes. The food was just "ok" (par for the course with China Max). As we were about to pay our huge bill we began running the math. Things were not adding up. We had ordered 17 bottles of beer, but China Max was charging us for 25 bottles. We discussed with the waiter and then proceeded to discuss the issue with the manager. The manager told us we were completely wrong and that was that. We incessantly argued with the manager for about 3 minutes. Basically, we were forced to pay for 8 bottles of beer that we never drank. Needless to say, it was a frustrating issue and a horrible experience. No one within our group was drunk, we each only had 1 beer to go with the meal. I would not recommmend China Max based on my experience with them last evening.


Hi Chris - That's terrible, you can report China Max to the BBB - I've done that in the past. Actually, I think that the Hong Kong style Seafood(based on cooking technique & freshness of ingredients over very strong flavors ala Sichuan/Hunan and the like) served at China Max is good by San Diego standards, and though except for one minor incident, I've never had problems at China Max in at least 8-9 visits since this post, in fact service has always been pretty good.


I thought Peking duck is supposed to be served with won ton wrappers to wrap up your treat like a little burrito. What's with the "buns"?


Hi Sheila - Won ton wrappers? Traditionally, Peking Duck is served with thin "pancakes"(maybe that's why you thought won ton wrappers?), but I've found that in most Guangdong/Cantonese/Hong Kong style restaurants it is served with steamed buns.

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