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Wow, what a massive undertaking this must have been! Congrats on 10 years of blogging and over 3,000 posts by you, Cathy and Ed! Thanks for all that you do!


Wow, what a trip down memory lane! I'm going to bookmark this page for future reference. Thank you for doing this blog for so long.


Thanks CC! We're not quite at 3,000 yet and I haven't mentioned this page yet either, so I'm glad you found it!

Hi Sandy - Thanks so much for noticing.....I didn't think anyone would. It was kind of nice to go thru all those old posts compiling this.

Ed (from Yuma)

Nice list. Amazing really. I do feel bad for some of the dearly departed, like Ba Ren


I miss Ba Ren too Ed!


What a great list :) Thanks Kirk, Cathy, and Ed for your writing, photos, and sense of adventure!


Thanks Jinxi.....this is still kind of a work in thanks for noticing!

Soo H

Wow! So much food...


And so little time Soo!


whoa?! what a list! good job:)


Thanks Kat!


I heart you so much...


Hi Kendi! We "heart you" too! Thanks for reading and commenting!


most awesome list from one of my favorite food/travel blogs ever. thanks to all the contributors (and especially kirk!!!)


Thanks Dancing!

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