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Wednesday, 30 July 2014



Unartfully. ..I like that. I have only been to sushi deli 2 but that awhile ago. We used to like going there in college (late 80s).

J.S. @ Sun Diego Eats

It's definitely not the best fish or most authentic Japanese food in SD but its fun and its pretty cheap. You probably won't get meltingly wonderful toro or monkfish but they have 1 dollar beers (!) for their happy hour and the food is good enough.

We used to go here a lot during college haha. It is still leagues better than my other college sushi spots PB Sushi (dollar sake bombs) and Yakimonos (by Vons in UTC, unwisely did not card shut down).


I had many other verbs in mind to describe that presentation, cc, but thought to be polite...I mean, did the chef toss them on the plate and the server grab and run with it? Were there actually six pieces and the plate tipped and upon saving five, just run and take the darn thing out? Otherwise, care did seem to be taken with bringing out pretty plates.
You were here during college too, JS? It's interesting to see the differences (not only in the decades, but in food choice/availability) on the West coast (vs. Midwest). I agree with your is fun and not expensive and good long as food isn't a total non-nutritious mess of random ingredients, I can be happy.


@ JS - We used to to Yakimono's too for their cheap prices! :) My (now) husband went to UCSD so that that his sushi spot.


I've considered going here but I can't afford a 30+ minute wait during my lunch hour... I wonder when the magic dining hour is for a shorter wait... Does it help to come right at opening?


Yes, Lynnea, getting there at 11:30 (street parking is not easy, but there are two lots just East of the building and I've seen people parking at the Mitsuwa and walking up the street) is your best bet. The half hour wait was in the evening, and SD3 closes from 2:30-5 each week day and apparently people go there at 5, so our meeting time of 6:15 made us have to wait for that first rush to leave. When I took that first photo, there was street and lot parking and no wait because it was a Saturday just past noon.

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