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Tuesday, 25 February 2014



happy belated birthday! i am only an occasional beer drinker, but i do love a belgian style ale. gotta try sours next, and find a good place in los angeles for moules frites.


sounds like a great place to hang with your "beer buddy" :)


Dang 11%, I'd be drunk on the first sip.

I might have to buy a duck and render the fat just to make frits or hope to find some duck frits here in SA. Did you know whole foods sell render duck fat?


Hi Santos - I think Monk's Cafe might be a good Flemish to start with. We tried Steingarten on Pico last weekend. The sausages were decent, but the frites were typical thin cut......

It is Kat!

Hi Billy - Yes WF has rendered duck fat; but if you have a whole duck, why not use as much of it as possible, right?


The frites and brat look delicious!


Aaah, so that's what replaced Vagabond. I haven't been there in years! The food looks good - I'd like to try that rabbit. I like that area of South Park - quirky shops and eateries close by. Bert would like the craft beers here, I'm sure!


Oh! You were near my 'hood! I'm at Pico and Robertson. I will look for Monk's, thanks!


Hi Soo - They were the two best items we had....other than the beer.

It is a fun neighborhood CC. It's all Belgian's all the time at Brabant.

Hi Santos - Most places that carry Belgian's should have it Santos....then you can work your way up to Duchesse de Bourgogne or Bacchus, or whatever.....there's just too much out there! I'll have an interesting post from the area coming up.


Nice find. Those frites look legit. I miss Belgium.


Hi Denver - I love those frites. Try them out and let me know what you think.

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