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Thursday, 24 January 2013



Ooh that last picture makes me want some Homestyle Hawaiian. And I just finished eating dinner!


Wow, what a post! Those fries in the CAF look way too thick. My husband says nothing beats the chili burgers at the Tommy's on Rampart. Dinner and a show, complete with a cop car chase and helicopter overhead searchin for criminals.

I like the picture on the Harry D'z bb banner.

When I see "D'z", I think of that Donut place on 3rd & Palomar, ha ha.


aw too bad about that CAF, that plate lunch looks awesome though!


Tommy's also now has an In-n-out-esque 'California Burger' which I've since tried but haven't had the time to write about yet. Still hard to beat a real double-double.



Hi CC - Funny we drove past the KD's Donuts location on Valley View in Garden Grove and I told the Missus the sign seemed so wrong with the 'Do' in it! ;o)

Hi Kat - It did indeed qualify as a calorie bomb!

Hi Dennis - I guess they're trying to increase their market share.....


If you go to In-N-Out, just ask for chilies when they give your order. You'll get a package of two or three of the same chilies.


That's great to know Cathy!


One of my earliest memories was going to "the" original Tommy's in LA with my uncle when I was 4. I don't remember much about it other than going to the auxiliary counter instead of the original shack. I remember feeling short changed. :)


Also, that looks like Katsu Chicken on the left, but what's on the right?


LOL Jan.....even at that age???

Hi Christina - That's from Homestyle Hawaiian. Korean Chicken on the right.


I hate steak fries but the burger looks decent and the pulled pork could be a crock pot version, yes I'm guilt of it.


Hey Billy! Happy New Year, I hope all is well...... Nothing to be guilty of, after all, you've got a pot to crock in! ;o)


i think the reason why the LA Tommy's is better is because all the outlets (esp the original) have had years ahead of the SD outlets to build up the grease and burnt bits on the griddle. smog helps :)


I would't mess with the original Tommy's burger. The one you got looks too sanitized. The chili should be flowing off the sides obscurring the burger and tomatoe. I agree with the previous poster that the Rampart location is the best. Thats a nice looking plate lunch.


You're probably right Santos....though the chili here has gone downhill too......

Hi Kyle - LOL! It does looks much too clean doesn't it?

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