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Monday, 06 August 2012


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They make a half decent soondubu (the last time though, I got the kimchi one and it tasted a little overfermented sour). The japchae is alright, just the kind I like but it isn't too authentic. And I get the kimchijun every time. One time they had a daily soup that was amazing, I don't know what its called but its a miso-based with cabbage.... the yugaejang is okay but honestly there will never be one better than my mom's.

TL;DR: I only go there because it's the closest korean-ish place to downtown.


Hi Cheezpweez - Thanks for the update....I figured a lot of it was due to location.

Alan in Clairemont

Kirk, I would like to personally thank you for taking these kimchi / nacho "bullets" for us, all in the name of blogging! I've learned a lot from your site though, keep up the great work.


"The tortillas were the worst this side of El Pollo Loco"

Kirk is telling on himself. Desparate EPL run a few years back? :)

Any recommendations for good grilled Mexican (or Central American) chicken in SD. I've seen quite a few places in OC.


Hi Kirk,

As I said before, your bad reviews are more entertaining than the good reviews! Thanks for throwing yourself on "the bomb" and saving the rest of us from the experience.


You don't like EPL tortillas? I think they're 'alright' but not the 'worst' :)

Did you prefer this place over Fuze? I haven't tried Fuze yet either but it's closer to me - so I'm wondering if it's better to try Fuze my first time around (for Korean Fusion food). The pic of the fries literally made burp b/c it just looks like a volcano oozing pure cholesterol driven fats :)

Nice post !


Thanks for reading and commenting Alan!

Actually, Jan, I do have EPL once in a's on the way home.....I do eat like everyone else I think, don't I?

Hi like these huh? LOL! You should try out those Korean fries.....

Hi Faye - The tortillas at ELP have no flavor and fall to pieces easily....they are not the worst, but pretty lousy. I think fuze is definitely better. Those fries are a total calorie/fat bomb...mayo and nacho cheese!!!


whoa, nacho cheese & kim chee...


LOL Kat....don't forget the mayo.....


Looks like those fries are trying to emulate carne asada fries, with a Korean twist. I think you nailed it when you suggested "Stoner food". I think this would be an imprecation were their goal to be traditional Korean but seems the goal is a more relaxed/ fusion version of it. Carne asada fries are also famously exorbitantly rich but there is a strong customer demand for this local dish. My friend says they are good when you have the munchies.


Hi Grey - Yeah, it's pretty obvious that's what they're trying to do. This is even more rich and greasy than CAFs.

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