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Wednesday, 29 August 2012


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Food detective

You must try Teo's Sandwich in Santa Ana! It's across from a "coffee" place. More on that later.


bummer about that place.


LOL TFD......I think I know where you're going with this one....

Hi Kat - Yes, kind of sad...

Hi CC - The location is great.....what's going on, at least what I've seen, not so great.


So you are going to bail on Bale? Sounds like the rest of San Diego will too. Time for another name change. Perhaps "Green Bowl" is up for grabs. ;)


LOL Jan......maybe for the time being.


I was in Linda Vista yesterday and stopped by Bale. Lousy sandwich--dry, sparse piece of nothingness. Sorry I didn't read this sooner.


As my dad would say, that location has bad fung shui.


Hi alnc - Yeah, the first sandwich was not bad.....but the next two were just not very good.

Hi MrZ - I think your Dad may be right....

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