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Tuesday, 31 July 2012


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Darn you i'll be singing that song all night long! I remember going to Pearlridge mall when Kikaida visited and it was like he was Elvis!


Will be looking forward to those posts Kirk! That otoro looks amazing btw!

Hangzhou Hero

The food porn. My god, the food porn.

But 7-11 having the best musubi? Did you brave an order for research purposes?


LOL Jack! He was like Elvis for a time there, wasn't he? As soon as I started reading the article, that darn song started looping in mi cabeza! ;o)

Hi Dennis - It was quite good.

Hi HH - There's just something in me that fights the temptation to actually try prepared food from 7-11. Maybe I'll check it out next time!


welcome back to the mainland kirk! can't wait to read about your trip back home...


Welcome back! I've been back for more than a week now from Europe and I'm still feeling tired and jet lagged and lazy. I usually bounce back the next day. Not sure why it's taking me so long this time.


sorry I missed meeting up with you Kirk! I am sure we'll meet up again in HNL or SD (unless you and the Missus come to KIX)


If the burger had rice patty buns versus bread I would be all over it. The irony of fat free oxtail soup. Can't believe you left the wife at home ;-)


I loved Kikaida and Kamen Rider (long live KIKU!) - and the grindz look awesome. We're going to see the fam in November and are working on our eating lists. Except for possibly having to have two lunches in one day, I think we're set!


Hi CC - I need to shake off the "fuzziness" and get back to writing soon!

Thanks Kirbie! For some reason, this one has been tougher than retruning from Tunisia....

No problemo Kat. I'm sure we'll get that done!

Hi Billy - For some reason, the combination of rice and bread kinda freaks me out a bit. Yes, fat free oxtail soup.....sort of an oxymoron, ain't it. I did this with the full blessing of the Missus!

LOL James! Don't forget Rainbowman......

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